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Safety News You Need: Ventilation and Worker Health

Oct 22, 2020

Improving indoor air quality (IAQ) not only helps provide a more comfortable working HVAC duct system environment, it also has many benefits for worker health. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights ways to identify when your ventilation system may need improvement and steps you can take to provide the best possible IAQ for your workforce. 

  • Many factors impact IAQ, and poor air quality can lead to various health problems. Learn some common sources of indoor air pollution, what to do if you suspect you have poor IAQ and what to do next. Read more
  • Conducting IAQ testing allows you to continuously monitor the quality of the air and assess whether any pollutants are present. Follow these procedures to identify the different tools and methodologies to conduct an IAQ assessment. Read more
  • Once you’ve identified the source of IAQ problems, you can address those issues and put measures in place to improve air quality. Follow these 10 steps to get your workplace on the right track to better air quality. Learn more
  • Well-ventilated workplaces not only help fight the spread of airborne illness, they can also prevent heat stress in hot working environments. These tools can help you improve air conditions for your workers in a range of working environments. Learn more
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