Ventilation Systems (Z9)


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Ventilation-related exposures are present in many industrial environments, from spray finishing operations to laboratories to abrasive blasting operations. Ventilation standards can help employers identify, evaluate and mitigate these hazards to protect employees.

What Are Ventilation Systems Standards

Intended to help employers reduce and protect their employees from exposure to harmful substances, the ANSI/ASSP Z9 standards define the minimum requirements for safety and health for ventilation systems.

Z9Why Use Ventilation Systems Standards

Employers, industrial hygienists, facility engineers, maintenance personnel, testing and balancing personnel, ventilation system designers can use the Z9 series of standards to protect workers involved in various industrial operations that produce airborne contaminants that can cause injuries and ill health through skin contact or inhalation, create explosion and fire hazards, and lead to oxygen-deficient work environments.

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