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Society Operating Guidelines

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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 2.3: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy

Policy Statement

Bringing together, listening to and incorporating a wide range of perspectives makes us stronger and creates safer workplaces. These efforts sustain our global network of occupational safety and health professionals; improve our programs and services to support the advancement of our members and the profession as a whole; and help our members prevent workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities, and increase workers’ wellbeing.

We aim to provide an organizational culture that is diverse and inclusive, and advances equity across all aspects of our Society.

  • Diverse: We actively seek and welcome the presence of individuals representing diverse identities, backgrounds and experiences, including race, ethnicity, class, socioeconomic status, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, ability, education and role within our Society.
  • Inclusive: We value the differences our diverse members and staff bring to ASSP and incorporate these differences into our business operations by actively inviting individuals to share their perspectives; demonstrating appreciation for differences in those perspectives; and leveraging those perspectives to develop stronger organizational culture, operations and policies.
  • Equitable: We recognize that individuals who are part of marginalized groups may need different experiences or resources to achieve the same or similar outcomes and seek opportunities to support our members and staff in meeting their unique challenges.

We understand that achieving this culture of safety and equity requires consistent and purposeful action through our programs and policies. We commit to:

  • Providing members and staff with resources and support to adopt behaviors that foster a diverse, inclusive and equitable organizational culture.
  • Developing our services and programs to address the needs of diverse audiences.
  • Aligning our policies to support diversity, equity and inclusion in our professional community and the communities in which we operate.

Approved By | Date: Board of Directors | 04/2021 Replaces Edition Dated: 12/2019

Next Revision Due: 12/2024

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