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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 2.1: Anti-Harassment

I. Policy Statement

It is ASSP's policy to maintain an environment, wherever the organization functions, in which every member, guest, attendee, customer, contractor, spouse and employee is treated with respect and which is free from all forms of harassment based on or related to race, ethnicity, religion, personal beliefs, age, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, nationality or physical challenges or any other classification protected by law. This includes conduct that creates a hostile, intimidating or offensive environment.

Our policy prohibits not only conduct and language that constitute unlawful harassment as defined by the courts, but all inappropriate behavior of this type.

II. Prohibited Conduct

Harassment of anyone is prohibited. All members and employees are prohibited from engaging in such harassment.

No one has the authority to request or demand compliance with unwelcome or offensive conduct in return for any job assignment, continued employment, compensation, promotion or other term or condition of employment or membership, and no one has authority to retaliate against any individual for failure or refusal to comply with such demands or requests.

Any such demand or request, and any such retaliation or attempted retaliation, constitutes a serious violation of this policy.

III. Complaint Procedure

Each member and each employee is responsible for ensuring compliance with this policy.

Any supervisor who has been approached by an employee with a harassment complaint must immediately contact the manager of human resources or the chief executive officer (CEO) to report the complaint.

Any individual who has a complaint about harassment by any employee, member or other person connected to an individual’s participation with ASSP should immediately bring the incident to the attention of the president, the chair of the Professional Conduct Committee, the CEO or the manager of human resources.

Complaints by or against ASSP employees will be handled by the CEO and/or manager of human resources. Complaints by and against members will be handled by the Professional Conduct Committee under Society Operating Guideline 6.51, which will include the CEO and/or manager of human resources in the process if the complaint also involves an employee.

IV.  No Retaliation

Any individual making a complaint or providing information relative to a complaint will not be retaliated against if the complaint is made in good faith, even if a complaint is determined to be unfounded. Retaliation may result in disciplinary action.

Bad-faith or false accusations of harassment may result in disciplinary action.

Our goal is to maintain an environment free from any form of harassment and ASSP is committed to doing everything reasonably possible to achieve this goal.

Approved By | Date: Board of Directors | 12/2019
Replaces Edition Dated: 01/2019
Next Revision Due: 12/2022