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Society Operating Guidelines

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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 6.8: Criteria for Candidates for ASSP Office

I. Introduction

The Nominations and Elections Committee looks for the following experiences, characteristics and qualifications in potential candidates for elected ASSP positions. These are in addition to any required qualifications specified in the ASSP bylaws or role descriptions.

A. Member Value Focus

  • Acts with members in mind
  • Is dedicated to providing value to members
  • Gets first-hand member information and uses it for improvements in products and services
  • Actively engages with members to establish and maintain effective relationships and gain their trust and respect

B. Organizational Agility

  • Knows ASSP councils and committees and their scope
  • Exhibits curiosity about and understanding of ASSP history, processes and procedures
  • Observes ASSP bylaws, society operating guidelines, and board-approved policies and procedures

C. Emotional Intelligence

  • Has an earned reputation for emotional maturity, personal integrity and honesty
  • Knows personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and limits
  • Seeks feedback
  • Gains insights from mistakes
  • Welcomes constructive criticism

D. Collaboration

  • Works effectively and collaboratively in a group
  • Is willing to put aside conflicts to come together for the betterment of the organization

E. Demonstrated Professionalism

  • Participates continually in skill and knowledge development
  • Demonstrates a high level of personal and professional integrity, trustworthiness, ethics and values
  • Displays flexibility and is open minded
  • Demonstrates professional and appropriate conduct in public

F. Commitment to ASSP

  • Demonstrates a commitment to ASSP through a history of participation in leadership roles, including ASSP Foundation contributions
  • Displays willingness and ability to commit the necessary time to fulfill ASSP leadership responsibilities effectively
  • Understands and actively supports decisions and policies made by the ASSP Board of Directors, even when it differs from their personal point of view
  • Speaks positively and supportively, in any venue, about ASSP and its initiatives, positions and policies

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Replaces Edition Dated: 12/2019
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