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Our Society Operating Guidelines describe in detail the manner in which American Society of Safety Professionals is structured and governed. They are intended to accompany and be consistent with ASSP bylaws.

Section 6.9: Accountability for Elected Officers

I. Introduction

As an officer of ASSP, an honor has been bestowed on you by your fellow professionals. ASSP's mission, goals and objectives are advanced and achieved by officers carrying out their assigned responsibility. Therefore, the following statements of accountability are appropriate.

  • ASSP and ASSP areas, regions, practice specialties and common interest groups will ensure that elected and appointed officer candidates understand the scope of activities expected in the office each seeks.
  • ASSP and all ASSP units will ensure written acceptance of responsibilities by the officer candidate.
  • Accountability for appointed officers for completing projects and fulfilling office responsibilities will rest with the elected officer who made the appointment.
  • Accountability for elected officers will rest with the infrastructure of the region (Regional Operating Committee), practice specialty and common interest group (Advisory Committee), the four councils and ASSP's Board of Directors. An officer's inability to fulfill responsibilities will result in a review of their activities by the appropriate officer, council or committee for the purpose of determining circumstances that contribute to the situation.
  • If review reveals no extenuating circumstances contributed to the unsatisfactory performance of the affected officer, then action may be taken to remove that officer from an appointed or elected office by following the requirement in ASSP bylaws Article VIII, Section 6.
  • Appointed committees and task force members can be removed by the appointing elected officer. Elected officers may be removed by the governing bylaws of the ASSP entity.

Volunteer work within ASSP is the backbone of its success. For the most part, our Society's volunteers do admirable work that allows ASSP to achieve its goals. On rare occasions, a person may volunteer for personal gain only, without fulfilling their responsibilities to the membership. This statement of accountability should be actively used in those rare cases.

II. Accountability for ASSP Elected Officers

The purpose of this SOG is to outline the accountability expectations for members serving in an ASSP Society elected leadership position.  To be considered for a Society elected leadership position members must meet all qualifications for the position and submit a completed nominations package to the Nominations & Elections Committee for consideration.

If selected for the election slate, the candidates will stand for election by the membership, following the election procedures.

If elected, leaders are expected to:

  • Begin the term office on July 1 (unless otherwise noted in the election procedures) and to serve through the entirety of the term.
  • Support the objectives/purposes of ASSP
  • Fulfill the position responsibilities
  • Support and comply with ASSP’s governing policies & procedures
  • Serve on and engage in the Advisory Group, as defined in the ASSP bylaws
  • Represent ASSP in a professional manner with the membership, the staff, and at all ASSP events
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Replaces Edition Dated: 06/2019
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