Active Shooter Microlearning


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Watch our five-part video series to learn specific steps and strategies your organization can take to prepare for an active shooter/armed assailant incident.
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Active Shooter: Microlearning Video Series

Active shooter incidents are a growing problem in the U.S. and every workplace is vulnerable. No job is without risk.

Having a comprehensive plan in place can help your organization minimize the damage caused by an active shooter or armed assailant and save the lives of your employees. ASSP’s technical report, “How to Develop and Implement an Active Shooter/Armed Assailant Plan,” provides guidance on how safety professionals can work with businesses in advance of these types of incidents and develop a higher level of preparedness against workplace violence.

Our five-part video series guides you through specific steps and strategies outlined in our technical report, including:

  • Determining your risks and vulnerabilities
  • Instituting “hard” and “soft” controls at your site
  • Developing training and drills for your employees
  • Planning for post-incident response and business continuity
  • Conducting periodic plan audits

Following these steps can help guide your company toward safer environments with fewer hostile events.


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