Certificate in Leadership and Professional Skills


We have partnered with University of New Brunswick to deliver an online certificate program to help you build leadership and business skills to augment your education and experience in the field.

Certificate in Leadership and Professional Skills

Earn college credit from University of New Brunswick while developing soft skills and gaining new insights into emerging technical skills

What You Will Learn

By completing this certificate program, which includes three required courses and four electives, each of which run for 13 weeks, you will:

  • Understand emerging issues in OSH
  • Develop soft skills that will help you succeed in today's workplace
  • Expand your influence in your organization
  • Better understand your leadership style

Course Offerings

  • Understanding Your Leadership Potential
  • Management, Leadership and Organizational Behavior
  • Effective Communication
  • Human Performance Leadership
  • Leading People
Learn more
  • Effective Workplace Training
  • Organizational Leadership
  • Managing Substance Abuse in the Workplace
  • Psychological Health and Safety
  • Data-Driven Decision-Making

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