Earn an ISO 45001 Certificate


American Society of Safety Professionals can help you gain an expert-level understanding of ISO 45001, a global standard for safety management systems that provides a framework for worker safety.

ISO 45001 Certificate

All ASSP certificate programs are designed so professionals can take a series of courses related to certain OSH topics or concepts and then master those areas, and gain expertise. This certificate program teaches you how to implement the ISO 45001 standard and how to assess its effectiveness within your organization.

ISO-Cert_GettyImages-526124580What You Will Learn

Gain an expert-level understanding of what many consider to be a game-changing safety and health standard, ISO 45001. You will learn about engaging management, organizational responsibilities around safety, promoting risk-based approaches and assessing risk. More specifically, you’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate the ISO 45001 standard
  • Tell business leaders a compelling story on the importance of adopting the standard
  • Create an actionable plan for adopting the standard
  • Assess the performance of your occupational safety and health management system in relation to the ISO 45001 standard, and continuously improve your process

Course Requirements

To obtain ASSP's ISO 45001 Certificate, complete all 35 hours of required coursework within two years, including:

Mandatory Course (2.1 CEUs)

You can complete this course in-person or online.

  • Implementing ISO 45001 Course (in-person), a blended learning experience that includes the online pre-learning module. Upon registering for this course, you will gain access to the pre-learning module, which should be completed prior to attending the actual course.
  • Implementing ISO 45001 LearnEx Course (online), a fully asynchronous online learning experience that includes a pre-learning module. Upon registering for this course, you will gain access to the pre-learning module, which must be completed to gain access to the LearnEx course.

Elective Courses (1.4 CEUs)

Fourteen hours of electives are needed to complete the CEU requirement for the certificate. Electives are taken in addition to the certificate’s mandatory courses. You can choose any ASSP elective courses that best serve your professional interests. We offer a variety of in-person and online events where they can be completed:

How to Earn ASSP's ISO 45001 Certificate

Complete within two years:

  1. Mandatory Course
  2. Elective Courses
  3. Submit request for certificate to Please provide:

    • The name of the certificate program you've completed
    • Your ASSP ID #
    • Your name as you'd like it to appear on your certificate
    • Your mailing address,daytime telephone number and email address
    • Any supporting documentation

NOTE: Only ASSP LearnEx courses, ASSP face-to-face courses, and ASSP webinars and virtual symposia can be counted toward ASSP certificate program electives. The ASSP Professional Development Conference, and programs delivered by ASSP regions or chapters or other organizations are not eligible to satisfy elective requirements.

Why Earn a Professional Certificate From ASSP?

ASSP has a long-standing reputation for delivering top-quality OSH education and training that members can immediately put into practice — giving you an advantage in your career, in your workplace and in your industry.

  • Further your education to signify a commitment to your profession, potentially opening the door for more opportunities and higher earnings, with current or potential employers
  • Acquire an area of technical OSH expertise, and become an indispensable asset and valuable resource to your team or future team
  • Quickly expand your professional network by learning alongside other safety professionals while obtaining your certificates

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ISO 45001 Standard

This game-changing standard provides a global foundation for worker safety.