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Leadership Conference: 2024 Call for Presenters


Our virtual Leadership Conference is part of ASSP’s investment in the development of the current and rising volunteer leaders of our member communities. Apply to speak at upcoming conference events and help our attendees grow their skills and deliver great value to ASSP members.

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Leadership Conference Information

2024 Call for Presenters

The Leadership Conference Planning Committee is soliciting proposals for two upcoming events:

  • August In-Person Event – August 6, 2024, in Denver, CO – sessions focused on leadership development, volunteer engagement, society updates, and networking
  • October Virtual Event – October 17, 2024, online – sessions focused on community operations, community member engagement and value, and community programs

Leadership Conference Program Objectives

ASSP’s annual Leadership Conference program builds the skills of volunteer leaders so they can deliver value to ASSP members. The conference also supports a diverse, strengths-based leadership culture throughout ASSP. Through our in-person and virtual events, Leadership Conference offers attendees a wide variety of education and support. To support that, the learning objectives for each event are different.

In-Person Learning Objectives:

  • Develop enhanced leadership skills through interactive workshops and discussions tailored to the specific needs and challenges of volunteer leaders.
  • Deepen understanding of effective leadership development strategies and techniques to empower volunteers to excel in their roles and drive positive change within ASSP and the larger OSH profession.
  • Strengthen networking abilities by facilitating meaningful interactions and relationship-building opportunities with fellow volunteer leaders, enabling knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity and diversity within ASSP, equipping volunteer leaders with the knowledge and tools to create welcoming and equitable environments for all members.

Virtual Learning Objectives:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the organizational structure of the ASSP communities, including roles, responsibilities, and resources to effectively navigate and lead community operations.
  • Learn how to develop year-round plans and set goals for your community, aligning objectives with CAMPT and COMT tools, to add value to member experience through community programs.
  • Enhance communication skills, both within the leadership team and with community members, to facilitate effective collaboration, information sharing, and decision-making processes.
  • Develop skills in volunteer recruitment, training, delegation, and supervision to optimize team performance, foster collaboration, and ensure the successful execution of community initiatives and projects.

Proposal and Policy Guidelines

ASSP invites those interested in presenting at its 2024 Leadership Conference to submit a proposal for review by our Leadership Conference Planning Committee. Speaker proposals are evaluated objectively with consideration of the following criteria:

  • Degree to which the proposed session meets the conference/program objectives
  • Desirability of the topic
  • Speaker's presentation skills and experience

Proposals to present must contain and convey sufficient detail to allow ASSP's Leadership Conference Planning Committee to understand how the proposed session will contribute to the conference objectives. Selection is competitive, so you must submit a compelling and complete proposal.

Details to Submit a Proposal

Submission Deadline

Proposals are due by April 19, 2024. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

No more than two proposals from one speaker will be considered. Please complete a separate application for each proposal.

Length of Presentation

Presentations are 1 hour. In-person presentations will take place on August 6, 2024. Virtual presentations will take place live via Zoom during the virtual event on October 17, 2024.

Session Details

Provide a session title and select up to two topic areas that best apply and presentation format. Describe your presentation (150 words maximum) and specify 2 – 4 expected learning outcomes for attendees. Describe the general outline of the session, including activities, discussions, use of breakout rooms, etc. Describe how this session is relevant for our audience of volunteer leaders of ASSP member communities.

Presenter Information

Indicate the number of presenters for the session. Provide name, designations email, phone and ASSP membership status for each speaker. Offer a brief (75 words maximum) bio for each speaker, including current or most recent ASSP volunteer role if applicable. Indicate each speaker’s experience facilitating a session like this. Briefly describe the presenter’s/presenters’ experience with the session topic.

Proposal Acceptance

Notification of acceptance will be emailed no later than June 1, 2024.


Our speakers receive a full complimentary Leadership Conference registration. Travel, lodging and meal expenses are your responsibility.

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