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2022 Awards and Honors Showcase


ASSP Fellow 2022

The Honor of Fellow is ASSP's most prestigious honor. It recognizes significant commitment, achievement and leadership in the occupational safety and health (OSH) profession. Meet our new Fellows.

Joel Haight - Fellow
Joel M. Haight


Pamela J Walaski, CSP, FASSP
Pamela J. Walaski


Individual Awards 2022

ASSP offers a multitude of awards to individuals who make great contributions to the safety profession and who drive excellent results within their organizations or for ASSP.

Safety Professional of the Year

Abby Ferri, CSP
Abby Ferri


William E. Tarrants Outstanding Safety Educator Award

Morgan Bliss
Lora Cavuoto,


Thomas F. Bresnahan Standards Medal

Bruce K. Lyon,


Charles V. Culbertson Outstanding Volunteer Service Award
Carmen Julia Castellon, ASP
Frank D'Orsi, CSP, ARM, CHCM
Matthew F. Herron, M.S., P.E., CSP, CPE
Richard Olawoyin, Ph.D., CSP, CEP
Mery P. Sennett
Cory B. Worden, M.S., CSP, CSHM, CHSP


Professional Safety Article of the Year
First Place
Charmaine Mullins-Jaime, Ph.D., CSP, CRSP,
Samantha Case, M.P.H., ASP,
Jan K. Wachter, Sc.D., CSP, CIH
Second Place
David W. Wilbanks, Ph.D., CSP, ARM
James W. Stanley
Michael A. Taubitz
Third Place
Sharon Lipinski


Council on Practices and Standards Safety Professional of the Year
Cory B. Worden, M.S., CSP, CSHM, CHSP


Region Safety Professional of the Year
Region I: Dorothy (Dede) Montgomery, M.S., CIH
Region II: Brandy Farris Miller, Ph.D., CPE
Region III: Krystle Hodge, CSP
Region IV: Josh Densberger, CSP
Region V: James I. McGovern, M.S., CSP
Region VI: Wyatt Bradbury, CSP, CHST, CIT
Region VII: Jeff W. Fox, CSP, CIT
Region VIII: Hoyt F. Emmons, M.S.


Virtual Community Safety Professional of the Year

Common Interest Groups

Blacks in Safety Excellence
Steven T. Guillory Jr., Ph.D., CSP, REM, CRM, CIC
Emerging Professionals in OSH
Bryce J. Griffler, M.Eng, CSP, ASP
Hispanic Safety Professionals
Naomi Hernandez, ASP
Women in Safety Excellence
Sarah Cipriano

Practice Specialties

Gregory G. Zigulis, CSP, CIH
Scott Baranowski, CSP
Jack Odunga Ogutu, Ph.D., CSP
Jeremy J. Harris, M.S., CSP
Fire Protection
Abbey Haidar, MLS, CFPS
Amber Mitchell, DrPH, M.P.H.
Industrial Hygiene
Matthew S. Parker, M.S., CSP, CIH, ARM
Bryce J. Griffler, M.Eng, CSP, ASP
John D. Perkins, CSP
SMSgt Christopher T. Rogers
Oil, Gas, Mining
Jeffrey Bowen Gosney, CSP, OHST
Public Sector
Brandon J. Hody, M.S., CSP, CHSP
Risk Management
Greg W. Bordner, P.E., CSP, CPE
Training & Communications
Brandon J. Hody, M.S., CSP, CHSP
Jenniffer Zillmer, M.S., CSP


ASSP President’s Award
ASSP Governance Task Force
Lindsay K. Bell, M.P.H., CSP
Wyatt Bradbury, CSP, CHST, CIT
Abby Ferri, CSP
Lori Frederic
Matthew F. Herron, M.S., P.E., CSP, CPE
Monique Parker, CSP, EIT/EI
Jose A. Perez, CSHM, OHST, SMS
Richard Pollock, CSP
Kathy A. Seabrook, CSP, CFIOSH, EurOSHM, FASSP
Royal Willard, M.P.H., CSP
ASSP Next Generation Board
Elizabeth Velky, CLCS, RRE
Amanda Proffitt Dean, CSP, STS
Justin Porter, M.B.A., CSP, OHST
Rick Sanders, M.S., M.B.A., CPCU, CSP
Donald W. Fondel II, CSP
Brent Kahle, GSP, CIT
Dawson Montfort, GSP, CHST, STS
Josh Reed, GSP
Alex Sewing, CSP
Karly St. Aubin, GSP
Samantha Wooten


ASSP Foundation Distinguished Service Award
Mark R. Ahner, CSP, ARM
Jan M. Simon Clark, CSP, CIH
Outstanding Student Section
Millersville University Student Section
Second place: Murray State University
Third place: Montana Technical University

Virtual Community Awards

Our common interest group and practice specialty communities provide accessible, virtual opportunities for members grow their skills and knowledge and build inclusive safety cultures. Our gold and platinum community designations recognize those virtual communities that meet rigorous standards of excellence. These communities serve as strong role models for others.

Gold 2021-22

Management Practice Specialty
Joe Tavenner, CSP, CIH

Oil, Gas, Mining and Mineral Resources Practice Specialty
Jeffrey M. Citrone, CSP, CIH

Utilities Practice Specialty
Jeremy W. Presnal, CSP, CHST, OHST

Platinum 2021-22

Common Interest Groups

Blacks In Safety Excellence
Krystle Hodge, CSP

Hispanic Safety Professionals
Mery P. Sennett

Women In Safety Excellence
Christina R. Roll, M.S., CSP, CIH

Practice Specialties

Richard Olawoyin, Ph.D., CSP, CEP

Cory B. Worden, M.S., CSP, CSHM, CHSP

Industrial Hygiene
Wesley S. Lashbrook, CSP, CIH

Public Sector
Steven T. Guillory Jr., Ph.D., CSP, REM, CRM, CIC

Chapter Awards

Our chapters give our members an opportunity to put their passion to work and get involved with their local professional community. Platinum chapters meet rigorous standards of excellence and serve as strong role models for other chapters.

Platinum 2021-22
Christopher G. Brandon, CSP
Lea Fay Burger
Albert Lopez
Central Florida
Josh Densberger, CSP
Central Indiana
Greg S. Anderson, M.S.
Central Ohio
Allie Jane Meyerhoefer
Central Valley
Brad Alan Perry, SMS
Colonial Virginia
Avery L. Carter, ASP
Lori Frederic
Dorothy Montgomery, CIH
Connecticut Valley
Elizabeth A. Velky
Four Corners
Dashelle Ricord, GSP
Genesee Valley
Mark Flynn
Greater Baton Rouge
Thai Tran, CSP
Greater Detroit
Linda L. Zaziski
Greater San Jose
Ashli L Sturgill, M.S., CSP, ASP
Greater Tidewater
Jennifer Lee Miles
Gulf Coast
Jeron G. Quincy, CSP
Jeremy R. Nixon, CSP
Nathan Berry
Heart of America
Thomas E. Metzner, CSP, ASP, CFPS, ARM
Jahid B. Thakor
Lower Columbia Basin
Traci Snyder, CHST, OHST, STS, GSP
John R. Hewitt, CHST, OHST, COSS
Middle Tennessee
Jimmie H. Tullis, ASP, CUSA
New Jersey
Joseph Leuzzi
Shehu Kabir
North Carolina
Robin Miles Barfield, SMS
Northeastern Illinois
Matthew D. Baker
Northern Ohio
Jim Chambers, CSP
Jennifer Lynn Ellinwood, CSP
Jamie Marie Kohler, CSP, ARM
Oklahoma City
Shawn Michael Helton, CSP
David Wagulth Guirguess, CSP, ASP, CHST
Matthew S. Parker, CSP, CIH, ARM
Caitlin McGee
Brandy Bossle, CSP, ASP
Puget Sound
Krista A. Kolaz, M.S., CSP
Quad Cities
Carrie Kolodji, ARM
Rocky Mountain
Chantel Hinson
San Francisco
Tiffany R. Barnett, CSP
South Texas
Zachary Northcutt, CSP, CIT
Southern Nevada
Russell Duren
Dusty K. Cotter, GSP
St. Louis
Steve Williams
LaQuandra Vashari Bass
Three Rivers
Robert J. Zima, M.S., CHST
West Michigan
Richard A. DeLeau, CHST
Elier Aguilera


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