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Ann M. Lindsey, CSP, CIT
Position: Vice President Council on Professional Affairs


ALindsey PhotoAnn Lindsey, CSP, CIT has over 30 years experience in the field of health and safety and project management.  Her first internship was as a technician. Lab-packing hazardous chemicals and cleaning up chemical dump sites. Many were unknown materials – with Hazard Communication regulations just coming into law – protections were minimal. Ann developed protocols and tracking as situations developed. Designed a ‘glove box’ to handle drums requiring inert atmospheres to open safely and transfer contents into small containers for incineration.

Ann learned afterwards about safety PPE protocols for those chemicals. She actively developed hands-on learning for University programs after witnessing first-hand the industry’s response to hazcom becoming law, meeting a man in burn wrap, just recently released back to work. He had been caught in a methane flash back and saw the life altering effects of exposures to chemicals and lack of safety in the workplace.

Ann’s why. What she does matters. She dedicated her life to the pursuit of safe work operations and prevention of incidents.  She spent time on the frontlines, from operating equipment to Corporate Director.   She studied work, and why workers do what they do. She continuously learns and always seeks ‘better’ methods.  Her respect for the worker and personal experiences, translate into building effective, sustainable programs.

Ann worked with all levels of leadership in global organizations toward achieving alignment and effective outcomes.  She volunteers her time to promote, grow, and challenge safety development at all levels, both private sector and public.

Platform Statement

In this role I will commit myself to build forward and grow the vision and mission of the ASSP organization. I will dedicate time to move the needle in all I’m tasked with or see the need for developing. I will bring with me the courage to question others constructively and develop and or present potentially better pathways to move the profession forward. I will collaborate openly toward desired outcomes.

Through over 30 years in the safety and health profession and managing large scale projects, I’ve honed the skills of building coaches to progress companies forward. I’ve created common languages in organizations so that everyone shares common knowledge and understands the direction the company is heading and what their role is in the organization - to ensure the direction and vision is in alignment with all actions of the individuals. I have had to work through difficult situations and interacted with CEOs in publicly traded organizations to establish common goals in safety. I will bring this experience, passion, and integrity of purpose with me to the role I hold in service to the society as a whole.

The ASSP holds a premier place in the profession of safety, and it’s not just about the profession, but for the sake of safety itself, that I give of my time to what I feel is noble cause., but I will work harder to communicate that vision to the membership.


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