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Adrianne Pearson

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Adrianne Pearson has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with focus in Geology. As an occupational environmental, safety and health scientist, Adrianne has been working across these kaleidoscope disciplines for more than a decade. In 2018, Adrianne became the owner of Evolving EHS where as a consultant, she serves different private and public organizations and industries and communicates to various cross-functional teams.

Adrianne's work experience has taken her across a vast occupational environmental, safety and health spectrum. Adrianne has enjoyed working on different professional projects, investigations, and activities including environmental such as hazardous building materials assessments, hazardous waste disposal, transportation, sampling and management, environmental soil and water monitoring and sampling, environmental clean water permitting and program management, and air quality. Within the safety and health realm including industrial hygiene and assessments such as Indoor Air Quality, employee exposure assessments, sampling, and monitoring, chemical usage exposure assessments and sampling as well as storage management, safety committee facilitation, employee training, team coaching/building and facilitation, risk assessments and management, and other OESH facets.

Adrianne is an active member with: the American Society of Safety Professionals as well as subgroups including the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty, Consultants Practice Specialty, Risk Management Practice Specialty, and Women In Safety Excellence Common Interest Group; American Industrial Hygiene Association, and Toastmasters International.

When Adrianne is not focusing on strengthening her hard and soft professional skill-sets, she enjoys traveling with her husband, reading, bicycling, hiking, and photography. She is learning to speak another language (Spanish) as well as play the ukulele.

Platform Statement

Currently, there is a lot of change occurring within our profession, especially in industrial hygiene. We are beginning to see massive waves of professionals retiring whom have not passed the baton onto the next upcoming generation of professionals. Creating a massive gap that will take time in closing. With the stresses of uncertainty, as a professional it's refreshing to know who to go for when in need of assistance. Part of that is being available as well as staying up with the times as technology continues to advance.

I am passionate about industrial hygiene. As a practice specialty, there is so much knowledge and a wealth of information from all who are involved and participate with the group. I think it's important to spread our group's name, activities, involvement, and events. So that our members can know where to go for their industrial hygiene needs. Technology can assist us with that. With the support of ASSP, our group can continue to grow and redefine our group's presence. While continuing recruiting methodologies, I envision an Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty group that can grow, sustain the ripples of the professions uncertainty, and continued educating and helping our ASSP members understand the intricacies, value, and science behind industrial hygiene.

I come forth bringing my passion of helping people and industrial hygiene, as well as my personality and characteristics, to lead and serve the ASSP and the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty group. I think my leadership can be strengthened with this opportunity to become the Assistant Administrator. I look forward to working with ASSP and the Industrial Hygiene Practice Specialty.


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