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Bradley Giles, P.E., CSP, STS, GIOSH
Position: Senior Vice President
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Brad Giles, P.E., CSP, STS, GIOSH, principal of Bradley Giles & Associates, has provided experienced safety counsel to industry with 40 plus years’ management experience in the environmental, safety, health and security disciplines. Brad’s tenure spans Consolidation Coal and Morrison Knudsen with successive companies Washington Group, URS and AECOM. As executive leader, he provided functional management for over 2,500 professionals across six continents. Industries included: engineering, mining, construction, petrochemical, DOE and DOD and management and operations. He holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from Southern Illinois University.

Brad is a professional member of the Snake River Chapter. He served as director-at-large on the ASSP Board of Directors. He participates and sponsors WISE and Emerging Professionals common interest groups. He serves on committees involved with Technical Professional Recognition, Military Branch and Executive Forum. Brad belongs to the Construction and Management practice specialties. He previously served on the Nominations and Elections, Governance and Student Task Force committees. He was an ASSP Foundation (ASSPF) Trustee and remains a champion. Brad is past president and was a director for the Board of Certified Safety Professionals (BCSP), currently functioning as an ambassador and member of their Judiciary committee. He served the National Construction Safety Executives as chair.

Brad was honored as a Fellow by ASSP, received the President’s Award twice for work with the Future Safety Leaders Conference and Young Professionals, Safety Professional of the Year for Construction and ASSPF Distinguished Service Award. BCSP recently recognized Brad with the Lifetime Achievement and CSP Award of Excellence.

Platform Statement

I am honored and excited to be considered for election to senior vice president of ASSP. I believe my skill set and leadership experience will greatly contribute to the future of our organization.

Career experiences have provided the opportunity to participate at the senior, executive level in strategic planning, budgeting, operations and management of for profit as well as non-profit organizations on a global basis. I have worked with safety and health professionals domestically and internationally in numerous industries and fully understand your professional needs and expectations. From 2015-18 I was involved in the newly formatted Board of Directors and appreciate the smaller, more nimble, strategic approach that successfully allows the Councils and Staff to focus on managing Society operations.

My continued goals are to represent and create greater value for you, our membership; operate the Society as a sustainable business enterprise; facilitate meeting established goals and objectives; achieve the Society’s Mission and Vision while positioning ASSP as the premier, global membership organization. We will continue promoting, while effectively allocating time and resources, the four areas of our strategic emphasis:

  • Membership Communities
  • Professional Development
  • Standards of Practice
  • Value of the Professional

We must rise to the challenges facing our profession today; an aging workforce, generalization and “multi hatting” of practitioner’s skills, the deficit of incoming safety professionals and ever-changing technological advancements. These challenges, however, are great opportunities for ASSP, as the conduit, to demonstrate the value of our profession to businesses and exhibit our diversity, productivity and performance.

There are number of personal reasons for me to pursue this opportunity. I firmly believe in volunteerism and giving back. I joined the Board of Directors in 2015, lending my experience to help implement the new governance system. Staying involved will help to assure we accomplish what we started. I will work diligently to:

  • Shape the future of our profession and the Society by increasing the numbers of individuals making safety and health their career choice, working with the traditional academic and distance learning programs and introducing our military veterans and craft workers to a sustainable and rewarding industry.
  • Provide more leadership opportunities, career paths and development programs for our membership. ASSP offers great opportunities for expanding leadership and business skills.
  • Increase participation of the next generations of safety practitioners into positions to influence the profession and govern the Society.
  • Improve member participation in determining the future of the Society by voting in our elections and surveys. Less than 20% of our membership, on average, take an active role in annual elections and major events.
  • Offer members greater opportunities to benefit by participating with the Society through more options with our focus on communities.

I am humbled by the opportunity to continue serving the membership of ASSP. I encourage you all to get involved through your volunteerism and participate in shaping the future by voting. There are some great individuals stepping up to take leadership positions at all levels. Please vote.

Thank you for your consideration!


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