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Abanum Iruoghene Isakpa


Abanum Iruoghene Isakpa, TECHIOSH, MASSP, mMBA, celebrates a year of outstanding professional growth as a certified occupational health, safety, sustainability, environment and quality (HSSEQ) professional. Residing in Lagos, Nigeria, Abanum boasts six years of diverse industry experience, excelling in the development and implementation of HSSEQ policies and management systems across sectors like manufacturing, oil and gas, aviation, maritime, education, retail, logistics and construction.

Abanum's academic journey showcases a commitment to safety, with distinctions in a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Industrial Safety Technology and an Upper Credit National Diploma (ND) in Industrial Safety and Environment Technology. Currently pursuing a Level 6 International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety from NEBOSH, Abanum has also secured a First-Class Professional Diploma in Project Quality Safety Environment Risk and Sustainability Management from QHSES Leadership Academy in 2023.

In the professional realm, Abanum is the health, safety and environment (HSE) coordinator at Caverton Offshore Support Group Plc, overseeing the development and maintenance of occupational, health, safety and environment management systems. Previous roles include impactful contributions at Flour Mills of Nigeria PLC, Kleekit Nigeria Limited and other esteemed organizations.

Beyond achievements in occupational safety and health, Abanum has actively participated in leadership roles, serving as president of ASSP's Nigeria Student Section and contributing to professional committees.

As Abanum reflects on a year of continuous learning and impactful contributions, this dynamic HSSEQ professional remains dedicated to creating safer and sustainable work environments.

Platform Statement

I am thrilled to announce my candidacy for the position of assistant administrator for the Emerging Professionals in OSH Common Interest Group. My platform is grounded in a vision of growth, inclusivity and enhanced professional development.

  1. Vision for Growth: I envision our common interest group as a dynamic and expansive community where emerging professionals flourish. By implementing innovative initiatives and fostering collaboration, we can elevate our group into a vital hub for knowledge exchange, mentorship and career development. Together, we will propel the next generation of safety professionals to new heights.
  2. Advocacy for Inclusivity: I am committed to championing inclusivity within our community. I will actively engage with members from diverse backgrounds, ensuring everyone feels heard, supported and valued. By fostering an environment where different perspectives contribute to our collective success, we can create a richer and more vibrant community.
  3. Enhancing Professional Development: At the core of our mission is professional development. I plan to introduce and expand initiatives that empower emerging professionals with the skills, resources and opportunities essential for career advancement. From mentorship programs to skill-building workshops, my goal is to equip our members with the tools they need to excel in the dynamic field of occupational health and safety.
  4. Collaborative Outreach: Building bridges across ASSP chapters and collaborating with other common interest groups is crucial for our collective growth. I envision strategic partnerships and joint initiatives that amplify our impact and create a nationwide network of support for emerging professionals.
In conclusion, I am eager to serve as your assistant administrator. Together, let us embark on a journey of growth, inclusivity and empowerment within the ASSP Emerging Professionals in OSH Common Interest Group.


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