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Allie Jane (Meyerhoefer) Kroeger, OHST, GSP

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I am a highly energetic and fun-loving individual. I am getting married in October 2022 to my best friend whom I met through his mother at a safety conference. I grew up in the Dayton, OH area and now I reside in Columbus, OH where I serve as the chapter president for ASSP Central Ohio, the Ohio representative for Safety 4 Nonprofits group, emerging professionals chair for region 7 ASSP, Young Professionals Committee for NSC, and was recently a rising star for NSC 2021 where I went to receive the award in Orlando at the annual conference. I graduated with my Master's in Occupational Safety & Health through Columbia Southern University in 2021, I received my OHST certification from BCSP in summer of 2022, and currently studying to expand my GSP certification to receive my CSP in the Fall/Winter of 2022. I am an avid Ohio State Buckeyes Fan; however, I love sports in general so no matter where I am, I cheer for the home team. I love the outdoors and sports, but you will not catch me sleeping in a tent or camping ha-ha. I have a cat and a dog that we love very much, as well always find a way to bring safety and ASSP in the conversation.

Platform Statement

As I have been involved with ASSP over the years it has been my passion to help others grow and be a sounding board for them. I am not so much focused on titles, or positions, but want to be in a role where I can have the largest outreach and help others grow. I want help to find opportunities to improve the society on a local level. As being Area Director, I have a flexible job in which I can and will find the time and ensure that I can be present for our chapters. I may not be able to be always physically present, but the ability to work with chapters and help them provide meetings and events that are hybrid to help grow past the Pandemic is a new and effective way for us to be connected. I take pride in being a member of this society, as it has helped me grow both personally and professionally. I have made lifelong friends that are now family to which I want to expand this network and share my love and passion of this society with the members that may or may not have as easy of a connection. I want to grow our area into being more collaborative and knowing what our goals are. I am outgoing, extroverted, and passionate about my role in the society currently serving and continuing to serve. I am a very, what you see is what you get kind of a personality. I am the same person at work, as I am at home, as I will be all of you. I find that separating yourself leads to questions, and uncertainty. I believe that to be trusted in this role is to be yourself.


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