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Elliot Laratonda, M.S., CSP, GSP

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Elliot Laratonda has worked in various industries as a safety and health (S&H) professional, including construction, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, academia, consulting, and research. Elliot is a certified safety professional. Elliot received his BS in Applied Safety Health and Environmental Sciences from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He obtained his MS in Industrial Systems Engineering (Human Factors and Safety Engineering focus) from Virginia Tech University. As an S&H professional, Elliot’s focus has been OSHA compliance and the development and implementation of S&H programs. Elliot has implemented S&H programs and initiatives that have contributed to a significant reduction in incident rates and a measurable improvement in safety culture. Elliot has been an active member and committee chair for the American Society of Safety Professionals, and he has taught industrial safety to undergraduate engineering students. Elliot is working as a safety adviser and consultant.

Platform Statement

I will serve the ASSP and the Public Sector with integrity, honesty, and diligent work ethic. I will advance the Practice Specialty as a clear communicator, as an organized professional, and as a fair and decisive leader. I have the skills to make objective decisions while being sensitive to group and personal needs. I will form ideas and suggestions into concrete objectives to achieve a goal. I am biased for action and excel in leadership roles. The Committee and the Community as a whole will benefit from my role as a leader.


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