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Eric Sachleben, CSP


Eric Sachleben, CSP, is a division director with Liberty Mutual Insurance. As the South Division Director, he is responsible for developing and operationalizing the risk control services strategy to maximize impact on customers’ total cost of risk. This includes creating the atmosphere for innovation, investing heavily in talent development and collaborating extensively with business partners to achieve mutual goal.

Sachleben has been a safety professional for more than 25 years. His journey as an ASSP member began as a student while attending Murray State University where he earned a B.S. in Occupational Safety and Health. That journey has continued through his work in the aviation industry and accelerated since joining Liberty Mutual and entering the insurance industry in 2002.

For the past three years, Sachleben has served as Vice President of ASSP's Council on Professional Development. Prior to his role, he was a trustee on the ASSP Foundation Board of Trustees. He previously supported the ASSP Foundation's Next Generation Board, engaging in fundraising and sharing the Foundation’s mission while speaking to various groups.

Platform Statement

We are at a unique point in our history where change is happening quickly, and it provides a great opportunity for us to lean into understanding and evolving the value needs of our membership, to engage with the growing diversity within the OSH Profession and to establish a firm footing for our future. My experience as a former trustee for the ASSP Foundation, as the Vice President of the Council on Professional Development and as a leader within my organization has given me the unique opportunity to understand the challenges ASSP faces, the business needs of the organization and how to lead to drive our strategic direction.

The areas I would focus my energy on are positioning ASSP to meet the external challenges we face from competition, leaning into our member value and engaging with the growing diversity of the OSH profession. As a director-at-large I will lead with a growth mindset to understand by listening to our membership to ensure we are meeting their needs as we lead the organization and set us on firm footing for our future. In the area of our competition, we must understand that other organizations and networks are always competing for the eyes and ears of our membership.

New technologies, global impacts and evolving responsibilities of the OSH professional require ASSP to move quickly and smartly to provide our members with meaningful experiences to develop you professionally. We must also be an integral part, the backing information and knowledge you need to confidently meet emerging risks and provide you with development tools to ensure you can lead and act within your workplace and/or industry. I will work to ensure we are positioned through our structure, vision and actions to meet this challenge.

The same focus we make to address competition will enhance our member value. So much of this is intertwined and as the Vice President of ASSP's Council on Professional Development, I have witnessed how ASSP can drive value through our resources and experiences. We need to be the best here and it starts with the network that emerges from engaged professional.

Lastly, I am passionate about supporting and engaging our growing diversity. This diversity not only comes from gender and race, it also comes from the varying paths so many people are taking into being an OSH professional. Our common interest groups are vitally important to member value, inclusion and in engaging more people to developing a pipeline for greater diversity in leadership. I also find the groups important because they provide a route for members to engage in whatever way they wish to engage. That is important for all of us, because it is the road to a healthy organization.


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