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Evan Goetz, ASP


Evan Goetz ASP, MSc, received his bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering at West Virginia University before pursuing a master’s degree in Occupational Health and Safety at Marshall University. At Marshall, he developed a large passion for industrial hygiene, the true problem solving of Occupational Safety. Starting as an intern in May 2018 and continuing into full-time employer status, Evan is now a Senior Health and Safety Specialist at the Volvo Trucks Manufacturing Plant in Dublin, VA where he focuses his activities on the Welding and Surface Treatment operations, while also being the on-site subject matter expert for Industrial Hygiene, Ergonomics, and Occupational Noise. He is currently pursuing his CSP and CIH credentials, expected to be completed in the next two years. While not at work improving safety, Evan enjoys spending time with his 10 pets, traveling to amusement parks with his wife, and volunteering at large competitive Pokémon events as a Pokémon Professor.

Platform Statement

When we look at industrial hygiene, it is so imperative that we are focused on educating those who do not fully understand the risks associated with leaving industrial hygiene unmonitored. This comes in three major initiatives. Firstly, there is a large amount of younger safety professionals entering the field every day and it is imperative that we get them started on the right foot. It is my intention to work with the emerging professional in OSH group to ensure that we are continuously providing accurate and consistent Industrial Hygiene training and support to help broaden their understanding and better prepare them for the real world. The other initiative that I have is focused on the development of industry understanding of industrial hygiene to ensure that the safety professionals have the support and the resources to help push positive solutions to Industrial Hygiene issues. Finally, the last initiative is to cultivate a benchmarking group to support all members of the industrial hygiene practice specialty group from sharing ideas and work practices to providing feedback in the CIH application process and everything in between. It is my stance that we cannot make substantial strides alone so we must cultivate our future to ensure the sustainability of industrial hygiene greatness.


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