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Ketha R. Molina


A seasoned leader and dedicated advocate for safety excellence, I have a tenure of over 12 years with our esteemed organization.  My leadership journey began in the trenches, serving in various chapter officer roles, each bringing its unique set of challenges and learnings.  This more than a decade – long commitment to service has honed my skills in team management, operational efficiency, and member engagement with growth.

My four-time Platinum Chapter President, I believe sets me apart.  Under my guidance, the chapters witnessed unprecedented growth, stronger community ties, and a reinforced commitment to safety standards.  This achievement wasn’t a solitary one; it was the collaboration and efforts of tireless teamwork, a testament to our belief in success. 

As I took on the role of Deputy RVP, it further solidified more strategic and operational expertise on a regional scale.  This position allowed me to forge essential partnerships, cultivate an extensive network, and gain insights into regional operations, making me a well-rounded leader, ready for the challenges of directorship.

Outside of my professional commitments, I am passionate about mentorship, believing in the power of passing on knowledge and experience to emerging leaders.  I envision a future where every safety professional, irrespective of their tenure, has the tools and support to excel in their roles, ensuring a safe tomorrow for all. 

Platform Statement

Driven by over a decade of dedicated service and leadership with our organization, my vision as director is centered on sustained growth, collaborative success, and fostering the next generation of safety professionals.  I’ve witnessed firsthand the potential our chapters hold when empowered with the right resources and leadership.  I am committed to ensuring each chapter thrives, drawing from my experience in chapter operations.

I understand the intricacies and challenges that come with the territory.  I aim to streamline processes, enhance collaboration and bolster member engagement.  My time as Deputy RVP has granted me a broader perspective on regional strategies and their execution, ensuring that as director, I will optimize our regional activities, making them more aligned and effective.

But my platform isn’t just about pas experiences; it’s about the future.  I envision a region where every member, new or seasoned, feels valued and heard.  By promoting chapter membership, enhancing networking opportunities, and advocation for continuous education, I want to build an environment where every safety professional can excel. 

Together, let’s craft a future where our regions sets the Platinum standard in safety excellence, chapter engagement and member empowerment.


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