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Linda Tapp, CSP, ALCM, CPTD

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Linda Tapp, CSP, ALCM, CPTD, is president of SafetyFUNdamentals, an occupational safety training and consulting firm. She is a professional member of ASSP, currently serving on ASSP’s Executive Committee as Vice President, Finance. She was previously chair of the ASSP Foundation and the Technical Publications Committee, and served on the Council on Professional Development as well as the Strategic Planning Committee. She was also administrator of the Consultants Practice Specialty, assistant administrator of the Manufacturing Practice Specialty and a member of various Society task forces. Tapp is a former director and treasurer of the Board of Certified Safety Professionals and is currently in her final year as public director on the Board of Certified Professional Ergonomists.

Platform Statement

Since the beginning, ASSP has been a valued resource in the professional development of our members, and its efforts to support our collective goal of preventing workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses have evolved over the years. My background and experience uniquely qualify me to help shape the further evolution of this support while maximizing the value of ASSP for all our members.

As someone with more than 25 years of experience creating and delivering professional development resources, I know how continuous learning opportunities greatly increase one’s ability to excel. In the safety profession, that means saving lives. Most people are flooded with information they might (or might not) need to know to stay at the “top of their game.” It can be a challenge to know what is important and what to focus on. ASSP can help members focus their professional development efforts, through new and expanded ASSP offerings and initiatives, that would better prepare us to handle whatever comes our way. ASSP can anticipate the impact of current issues and future trends, such as the changing nature of work and the advancement of technology, and, more importantly, help our members effectively navigate them. All of this cannot happen in a vacuum as the competitive landscape (and, more recently, the economy) continues to change, and the input of our stakeholders, most importantly, our members, need to help shape the future of ASSP.

Increasing ASSP’s revenue sources has been one of the top priorities during my time on the Board. In my current role as VP Finance, I have keen insight into our growth strategy and its related impact on the bottom line. Keeping our financial situation forefront as we move out of the pandemic will be necessary. Growing our revenue through the addition of new and expanded offerings and initiatives, while staying true to the Society’s mission, is essential to our future success.

I want to serve ASSP as senior vice president so I may continue guiding the organization in directions which will allow ASSP to not only survive the market shifts that have occurred over the previous few years but also thrive in this new environment. We can only do this by maximizing membership value – in essence, helping our members continue to make a significant difference in workplace health and safety. I am honored to be considered for the office of Senior Vice President, and very much appreciate your consideration and support.


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