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Lisa Blotsky, MOSH, CSP


Born in Detroit and raised in Atlanta, my undergrad education at Auburn in pre-veterinary medicine/animal and dairy science led me to a nearly 24 year career at Tyson Foods, Inc. After achieving my CSP designation in 2012, I completed my Master's Degree program in Occupational Safety and Health from Georgia Tech in 2020.

At Tyson, I served in a variety of roles with the majority of my time in an EHS role at the Cumming, GA Complex. I began as a Risk Consultat with AXA XL in January 2023.

At an industry level, I served on committees that had an impact not only at Tyson, but across all companies within the food/poultry industries.

On a broader sense, I volunteer and participate in a variety of safety roles, including my most recent project as security/fire watch at our local charity haunted house.

And finally at the ChapterWISE level, I stepped up to be a steering committee member of our Georgia group from the very beginning. I participate in meetings, volunteer, and encourage our members to join in and be involved. I participate on our WISE social media pages to share knowledge and advice and, now that I am in my new role as a risk consultant, I have been able to attend my first ASSP Annual Safety Conference and Expo. I am seeking ways to expand my participation with ASSP and specifically with WISE.

I currently live in Cumming, GA with my family and pets.

Platform Statement

As the Assistant Administrator of WISE, it would be my role to continue the effort to elevate women in the safety profession. Women should play an integral role in risk and safety professions for several compelling reasons.

We bring unique perspectives and approaches to risk assessment and safety management, enhancing decision-making process and fostering a more comprehensive understanding of potential hazards. We often excel in interpersonal skills, promoting empathy and compassion crucial for crisis management, recovery, and employee well-being. Our communication methods facilitate open dialogue, collaboration, and engagement with stakeholders, enhancing overall safety and risk management. Gender diversity in safety and risk management sparks innovative problem-solving, leading to more effective risk mitigation strategies and safer environments. Women in these roles serve as role models, motivating young girls to pursue careers in STEM and safety fields, driving gender diversity from the ground up. We also have a duty to advocate for other women in industry to ensure they have proper and adequate personal protective equipment, tools, and training that is often lacking.

Incorporating women into risk and safety professions is not just about equality; it's a strategic imperative for safer, more innovative, and resilient environments. As Assistant Administrator, I would strive to promote and better the role of women in these roles.


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