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Marilyn Hubner, Ph.D.

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Marilyn Hubner, Ph.D., is the Managing Director of Build Up Research, a small company that delivers educational and safety solutions globally. She is also a faculty member at the University of Fredericton in Canada for their OHS programs.

A veteran of the Australian Army, her knowledge and skills are built on top of her values of loyalty, collaboration, and commitment. Marilyn has been a professional member of the ASSP for over five years and is a past Administrator for the Training and Communications Practice Speciality.

Marilyn is a regular presenter at ASSP PDC and provides workshops on delivering and developing effective safety training for ASSP and CSSE.  She believes in giving back to the profession through volunteer leadership. She currently serves in positions for the ASSP, the Australian Institute of Health and Safety, and the National Safety Council Foundation of Australia – where she was named member of the year in 2021.

Platform Statement

I have only been a member of ASSP for just five years and have found an exciting and challenging place where my knowledge and skills feel valued. As the VP for Practice and Standards, I would share my passion for safety and my inert need for collaboration with the community to drive the ASSP Strategy into implementation through the Practice Specialities and Common Interest Groups.

The global pandemic has shown us that ASSP leaders and members need to be ready for anything.  Having served as an Administrator during this trying time, I feel prepared to continue my leadership journey and share the lessons learnt with the broader safety community. I recognise the present and future challenges faced by our practice specialities and common interest groups and know this is our biggest challenge. Therefore, I want to work with administrators and advisory committees to develop best-practice knowledge hubs that can assist new leaders in retaining and growing their membership.  I believe this (and other activities) will continue the Council on Practice and Standards to provide value to the safety community.

A focus throughout my professional career has been (and continues to be) on the growth and advancement of our profession. I firmly believe that Practice Specialities and Common Interest Groups are foundational pieces in the ASSP achieving its purpose of education, standards development, and advocacy of the profession. I want to serve as your leader within that community and provide opportunities for volunteer leaders to advance personally and professionally.


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