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  • Vice President - Region II


Nathan Spencer, CSP, CIH, M.S.



Nate has worked in the Safety, Health and Environmental realm for over 23 years. In his current role of Chief Safety and Health Officer for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, he supports an amazing team of professionals delivering SH&E services to a wide variety of worldwide operations. He received a Bachelor’s degree in the Industrial Hygiene program at Utah State University and a Masters in Industrial Hygiene from Montana Tech. He has served in various capacities within ASSP including Chapter Treasurer, Chapter President Elect, Chapter President, Region Area Director, ARVP Student Affairs and Professional Development. He believes he is the luckiest husband and father in the world. He is passionate about the good that can be found in the SH&E discipline and the critical supporting role of ASSP in that effort. He recently started playing guitar and can be found practicing in his commute on light rail trains in Salt Lake City trying to nail his bar chords.

Platform Statement

I share a passion for the EH&S profession and strongly feel that ASSP is the premier organization to support dedicated safety professionals. I recognize and celebrate the volunteer leaders in our Region Chapters who are on the front lines of ASSP and make the magic happen to provide real benefits to many of our members. I feel that their success is paramount, and that our primary purpose within Region 2 leadership is to provide practical, meaningful solutions to the challenges they face. The mantra of ‘Keep it meaningful’ will motivate me as I strive to support those providing service to Society members and leaders in Region 2.

As the Region 2 Vice President I will draw on the strength found in our diverse and experience-rich Area and Chapter leaders. I will strive to emphasize the meaningful ways that ASSP has helped me as an individual and member of the EH&S community to:

  1. Continue to provide a path and hopeful career trajectory for those that are entering the EH&S profession through efforts such as Society and Region Student Leadership Conferences, supported Student Sections and member mentoring opportunities.
  2. Address real-life Chapter and organizational challenges by utilizing the solutions and best thinking of our Region leader and member communities – a process that also builds capability amongst our current and future leaders.
  3. Promote human and professional community interactions. There is a great strength that comes from meeting with people that share the same passions about the profession. My ASSP community experiences have led me to meet some of the best people I know. Finding these life-long resources and friends benefit us all and make the world a better place.


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