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Ronald “Chet” Brandon, M.S., CSP, CHMM

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Chet Brandon is a highly experienced EHS Executive with extensive practice in the Process Industries (chemical, metals & glass), Manufacturing Operations (automotive, aerospace & electronics) and Industrial Services (occupational medicine, injury prevention, ergonomics and EHS). He has consistently driven EHS excellence in the protection of people, planet and profitability for the globally recognized organizations he has served. He has been highly successful by assembling great EHS teams who focus on people savvy, detail oriented and systems-based strategies resulting in achieving and maintaining EHS Excellence.

Mr. Brandon attended Marshall University earning: a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, emphasis in Economics, a Master of Science in Safety Technology, and a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.

Platform Statement

Like many professions in these dynamic times, the future of ours is uncertain.  The needs of our members have changed and the environment in which our professional society functions is much different after the pandemic.  How can we, as the premiere professional society for OSH professionals, best position ourselves to continue to be not only relevant, but also a leading source of positive change for our members and those they are tasked to protect?

Leadership is needed more now than ever to ensure we have a vibrant and highly respected profession for the diverse range of currently practicing and emerging professionals in our field, along with the people, organizations, and institutions we serve.  The ASSP Board of Directors is the leadership team that must recognize the opportunities and move the society to successful actions transforming challenges into opportunities to create the future OSH professional’s desire.

If elected, I will focus on:

  1. Using my business acumen and financial management background to assist the ASSP Board of Directors in making the best oversight decisions resulting in successful financial and membership value outcomes for the members and the organization.
  2. Driving strategic agility with my fellow Board Members to identify and implement innovative solutions to the issues facing ASSP Members and the ASSP organization.This would include a heavy focus on new programs and services meeting today's OSH professional’s needs, and those of the future.
  3. Utilizing my extensive network of Occupational Safety and Health Professionals who are ASSP Members to gather their thoughts on how ASSP can serve them better and be their voice at the Board level.I will seek to create an inclusive environment for a diverse range of members to provide feedback and perspectives I can bring to the Board for discussion to foster the best decision-making outcomes.


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ISO 45001 Standard

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