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Scott DeBow, CSP, ARM


Scott DeBow, CSP / ARM Scott DeBow entered his career in the US Navy serving as a Corpsman before advanced training as a Physical Therapy Technician. These formative experiences of observing the impact of trauma on the lives of the Sailors and Marines he cared for, as well their families and the state of military readiness itself, served as a conduit toward his career in Occupational Health & Safety. Today, Scott serves as Principal of Health/Safety & Environmental for Avetta – the leading provider of Third-Party and supply chain risk management software. As a highly collaborative and strategic practitioner with over 20 years of progressive leadership, he has enjoyed working within the world’s largest human capital and employment services which provided him with an “inside-out” perspective of human performance within joint-employer environments. His work experience and success in applying ‘Systems Thinking’ in today’s modern workforce has inspired him to write the book Safety Management Systems in a Joint-Employer Environment (ASSP 2023), highlighting how risk is multiplied within a shared work environment, with a dedicated focus on the importance of Prevention Through Design concepts and assurance of controls toward eliminating Serious Injuries/Fatalities. Scott is an active member of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), serves on the board for the National Safety Council (NSC: Southeast) and is a member of the ANSI Z-10 Committee for Safety Management Systems as well as the Campbell Institute.

Platform Statement

My platform for position of Director-at-Large will align closely with our 2023-28 strategic vision, resonating strongly across our community to foster the inclusion, innovation, and collaboration we depend upon to improve our world today and create a legacy for future generations. 1. Member / Community Support: the ASSP is a ‘Legacy Impact’ in our profession and communities. I am committed to strengthening this experience for those within our community today, as well as those joining our community tomorrow. As Director-at-Large I will promote an environment incorporating new knowledge alongside existing knowledge to guide our members careers. 2. Evidence Based Practices / Values Based Outcomes: Safety Professionals today need the very best knowledge at the right timing in their journey. How are we better monitoring risk, learning from error and improving our work systems? How do our systems identify and assure controls to prevent catastrophic injuries? And how are we demonstrating measurable value? As Director-at-Large it will be important that our members gain access for this guidance while drawing a line toward a better future for them and their organizations. 3. Elevate / Integrate within Business: Trust was extended in new ways during the pandemic, further creating buy-in for safety as a value driver more than a cost center. We must keep the invitation open by learning to better integrate risk monitoring and continual improvement toward positive business outcomes. As Director-at-Large, I am committed to elevating safety for best alignment for the care and well-being of our workforce, focusing on coupling points within the organization such as SIF intervention, DE/IB, and ESG. I believe these areas of focus are essential for success today and relevance for tomorrow. Together, I believe we will be successful, and I thank you for your support.


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