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Vanessa Galvan, CSP, AFIS

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VANESSA GALVAN, CSP, AFIS, has more than 20 years of occupational safety and health experience in manufacturing, agriculture, food processing, warehousing, construction, refrigeration, and port operations.

She is currently the Corporate Agriculture Safety & Health Program Manager for Zenith Insurance Company, a nationwide Workers' Compensation carrier with specialized expertise in Agriculture. Her primary role is to help advance the profitability of Agriculture clients through practical, results-driven injury prevention and claim cost control solutions. Before Zenith, Vanessa held positions such as Director of Human Resources, Safety Director, and Regional Safety & Security Manager for Chiquita Brands International. She has developed and implemented robust safety management system models focused on technology application and innovation that have transformed Safety Culture for various North American and Latin American organizations. A focus of her career has been using data to track leading behavioral and psychological indicators and factors that lead to changes in safety.

Vanessa has degrees in International Relations and Economics. She holds the Certified Safety Professional (CSP) designation and Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS) designation and currently leads the ASSP HSP Local Communities Initiative paving the way to provide opportunities for Hispanic Safety Professionals around the world.



Vanessa tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en seguridad y salud ocupacional en industrias tales como la manufactura, agricultura, fabricación de alimentos, almacenamiento, construcción, refrigeración y operaciones portuarias.

Ha desarrollado e implementado modelos robustos de sistemas de gestión de seguridad enfocados en la innovación y aplicación de tecnología que han transformado la cultura de seguridad para varias organizaciones en América del Norte y América Latina. Un enfoque de su carrera ha sido el uso de datos para rastrear los principales indicadores y factores conductuales y psicológicos que conducen a cambios en la seguridad.

Vanessa tiene licenciaturas en Relaciones Internacionales y  Economía. Tiene las designaciones de Profesional Certificado en Seguridad (CSP) y actualmente Coordina el Enlace Comunitario de ASSP HSP abriendo el camino para proporcionar oportunidades para Profesionales de Salud y Seguridad Ocupacional Hispanos  en todo el mundo.

Platform Statement

During my career as an environment, health, and safety manager and director, I have designed and implemented new operational policies and procedures that transformed company safety cultures and resulted in improved metrics across organizations and facilities on North and Latin America. I want to use my experience of 20 years managing programs, initiatives and organizations for the benefit of our Hispanic Safety Professionals Interest Group.

Beyond my professional accomplishments, I often felt inadequate in every room, even when I knew I had earned my seat at the table. This continued happening to me until I joined HSP and started getting involved. Since then, I continue to receive the gift of networking and meeting so many passionate and talented Hispanic Safety and Health Professionals that have helped me see a different aspect and benefit of not fitting “the mold”. 

Our future in this beautiful profession goes beyond our bilingual and bicultural abilities. I want to contribute to the professional growth and development of every one of our ASSP Hispanic Safety Professional (HSP) members by creating opportunities to grow, learn, connect and give back to the community and our profession. There's a lot of room for improvement as we address together the benefits and opportunities to grow this wonderful interest group.

I want to be part or leading the way, but most importantly I want to be a small part of making the difference and improving the workplace experience and quality of life for employees through education, collaboration, and support. Every one of them can be advocates for safety and health programs and every one of us can be that leader that helps pave the way. 


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