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Chet Brandon, CSP, CHMM
Position:  Region VII Vice President


Reg VII -CBrandon PhotoChet Brandon, CSP, CHMM, attended Marshall University in Huntington WV, graduating in 1991 with a Bachelor of Business Administration, and a minor in Political Science.  Chet returned to graduate school at Marshall with a Master of Science in Safety Technology followed by a Master of Arts in Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  Mr. Brandon began his career in safety and health with Elkem Metals Company, North American Division (previously the Ferroalloy Division of the Union Carbide Company) after two internships in the metals industry.

Following 10 years of safety and health and human resources (briefly) in the metals industry, he moved to the transportation industry in the automotive and aerospace sectors with positions of progressive accountability in the Hendrickson International and Honeywell Aerospace organizations.  Chet accepted a regional leadership role with the Owens-Illinois, Inc. organization and rose to the position of Director of Environmental, Health, Safety and Workers Compensation for the North American Division.  It was after a successful five years with the Owens-Illinois organization that he accepted the Vice President role with ATI Worksite Solutions.  In this role Mr. Brandon is leading a team of occupational medicine, ergonomics and safety professionals who are committed to re-defining injury prevention across all occupational settings.

Chet has been a member of the American Society of Safety Professionals since 1992 when he joined as a student member. He has held numerous roles in five different Chapters. Chet is currently a professional member and President of the Central Indiana Chapter, located in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Platform Statement

Like many professions, the future of ours is uncertain.  What impact will technology, demographics and cultural changes have?  How can we best position ourselves to continue to be not only relevant, but also a leading source of positive change for our members and those we are tasked to protect? Leadership is needed more now than ever to ensure we have a vibrant and highly respected profession for both currently practicing and upcoming professionals in our field along with the people, organizations and institutions we serve.

I have three specific areas I will work on to address the challenges discussed above.  These are:

  1. Maximize the value of membership in the ASSP for members through quality training opportunities, meaningful professional networking and effective chapter operations.
  2. Provide leadership and insight to ready the members for the next 25 years of practice as OSH professionals by identifying important trends and challenges of the future.
  3. Provide opportunities for the next generation of OSH professionals though scholarships, mentoring opportunities and quality training for career growth.

My diverse experience across many industries that includes metals, automotive, aerospace, and consulting, give me a unique and wide-ranging perspective regarding effective concepts and methods for leadership and safety excellence.  I would use this hard-won knowledge to further the success of the region VII team for the benefit of the members out in the field were the most important work of our profession is done.

I am excited about the opportunities in front of our profession! By working together in Region VII as Health and Safety Professionals we can make the best choices to achieve the impactful, successful and sustainable future we can be proud to pass on.


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