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James Boretti, CSP
Position: Director-At-Large


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James Boretti, CSP is a Certified Safety Professional who is an ASSP Professional Member with over 30 years of EHS experience. He has an extensive background in the field of safety. James is currently CEO/President of Boretti, Inc., a professional consulting firm that provides business safety solutions through the design, development and implementation of safety, health and environmental solutions. James holds a B.S. in Business Administration / Marketing from San Diego State University. As a business owner himself, James provides leadership and oversight of business operations including strategic planning, financial and accounting management, operations, marketing, development and management of staff.

James recently completed his term as Regional Vice President of Region 1 for the ASSP. He is currently a member of the Code of Conduct Committee and has served Society in the various capacities including Assistant Regional Vice-President of Finance / Treasury, Member of the Finance Committee, to name a few. He has Chaired, been a member of and presented at several safety symposia put on by the ASSP. James has also served on the Society Council on Professional Affairs and has been President of two Chapters: Central Valley and Orange County in California. James is a recipient of the Society President’s Award for Continual Leadership & Mentoring, and two Culbertson Awards for Volunteerism.

Platform Statement

As Director at Large, I will serve to ensure the strategic plan is kept relevant, use it as the balanced pathway forward, and ensure the viability of the ASSP now and into the future. Governance balances the needs of the members with fiscal responsibility to ensure a positive membership experience and contribute toward the professionalization of our profession. I have the knowledge and experience needed to successfully provide strategic guidance and make sound decisions that would benefit serving ASSP well in a board governance role.

ASSP is a strong organization in service to Safety Professionals globally. We operate in a diverse world, one that is reflected in our profession. It is important ASSP is viewed as the premier safety professional organization of choice through leadership, efficiencies of technology to serve our members, and the value we bring in personal networking, resources and professional development to our membership.

As a Safety Professional with over thirty years of experience and having run my own business since 1995, I’ve had the pleasure of working with many different Boards, providing safety strategic planning and governance guidance as a business owner, a consultant, and in a role capacity. And, as a long time ASSP volunteer leader recently completing my tenure as Regional Vice President of Region 1 and past member of the Counsel on Regional Affairs, and having served in a multitude of Society, Regional and Chapter level positions, I have had the pleasure to humbly serve and be part of shaping and forming the direction of ASSP into the future.

If elected I promise to serve ASSP and its membership with dedication and diligence, seeing that the strategic plan is successfully implemented in benefit of our members. I welcome the opportunity to serve in the Director at Large position: thank you for your time.


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