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Maralee Sartain, ASP
Position: Area Director – Region IV: Georgia/North Florida


MSartain_PhotoMaralee Sartain, ASP, love for STEM began early and grew while conducting experiments as a Chemical Technologist.  She discovered the field of occupational health & safety while serving as the department’s IH & Safety Contact.  After initially graduating from Florida State University with a B.S. in Secondary Science Education, her passion for preventing illness & injury inspired her to complete a degree in Industrial Hygiene & Safety.  Just before graduation from the University of Houston Clear Lake in 1991 she began her role as an Industrial Hygienist, and then gained additional Safety and Environmental experience while becoming proficient in HAZWOPER while working in the chemical industry for almost ten years.

Over the next ten years her EH&S experience has included engineering services, aviation maintenance, education, emergency management, and healthcare.  Maralee has been an active member of the Pensacola Chapter and has served in many volunteer roles in ASSP. She is a passionate safety professional and strives to utilize her experience from the education field to help others recognize hazards and motivate them to make safe choices 24/7/365.


Platform Statement

I have been an active member and volunteer of the ASSP for almost 20 years.  Some of the best advice I received during my career came from Don Jones, one of our Society’s Presidents’.  As departments were beginning to get reorganized, he strongly encouraged me to become active with ASSP.  I share this story to demonstrate how a small request (to provide an IH review for those preparing for the CSP exam), has led to a career full of professional collaborations.

As my volunteer service has grown over the years, the opportunity to develop my leadership skills has been provided through the interactions with my local chapter.  Having served as Newsletter Chair to Chapter Secretary, and then onto Chapter Vice President and President I am confident that as an Area Director and member of the Regional Operating Committee I can share my experiences to encourage all Chapters in our Region to strive to improve.

I am hopeful that with the regular communication and sharing of ideas, by providing the much needed professional and emotional support during these chaotic COVID times, we can all thrive into the future.  I am truly excited for the opportunity to travel/zoom to all the chapters in North Florida/Georgia Area even if some have to be “virtually”.  I am looking forward to strengthening our resiliency at the Chapter, Region and Society levels as we continue to evolve.


President's Message

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ISO 45001 Standard

This game-changing standard provides a global foundation for worker safety.