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Wesley Lashbrook, CSP, CIH
Position:  Region I - Regional Vice President


WLashbrook Photo

Wesley Lashbrook, MS, CSP, CIH, FAIHA is the Senior Partner, Safety Professional and Industrial Hygienist for G.E.W. LLC. He has a M.S. in Environmental Health Management and Adult Education from Oregon State University. Is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) both in Comprehensive Practice (by examination). Wesley is a Professional Member of ASSP and a Fellow of the AIHA.

For more than forty years has assisted numerous organizations throughout the United States, in both the public and private sector. He’s managed projects from inception to commercialization, including: interactive risk assessment software; mass/energy balance for optimizing EHS resources, and a comprehensive EHS cost analysis model.

His professional leadership positions and awards not included in “ASSP Experience Question #6 of the ASSP Nominations Form” include:

  • Vice Chair and Chairman AIHA National Safety Committee
  • Secretary AIHA National Occupational Environmental Medicine Committee
  • AIHA Fellow
  • Outstanding AIHA Service Award for development of the Worker Fatigue Roundtable
  • Education Chair, Portland Area, Pacific NW American Industrial Hygiene Assoc.
  • President, Silicon Forest Safety Professionals
  • Director, Pacific NW Semiconductor Safety Association
  • Industry Chair, Benton County (OR) Hazardous Materials Response Plan
  • Board of Directors of the Silicon Forest Safety Professionals
  • Northwest Liaison - Semiconductor Safety Association

Wes spent 43 years as a Reserve USAF officer enlisting as an Airman Basic and retiring as a Colonel. Is a veteran of both the Bosnian and Iraq conflicts. Currently (for the past 28 years) assists the USAF as an Academy Liaison Officer, helping applicants to the USAF Academy.

Platform Statement

It is my belief that Regional Vice Presidents (VPs) ensure the effectiveness of the ASSP vision through the development of the Region’s Chapters, Sections and members. The Regional VP is responsible for helping chapter volunteers to ensure financial, membership, and ASSP resources are present to support our membership. The Regional VP should be the standard for demonstrating ASSP values of integrity, service, teamwork, excellence and ethics to all members.

In this role I will endeavor to work with the Region 1 chapters to assist, develop, implement and maintain ASSP priorities that allow each Chapter to attain its potential.

My primary mission is encouraging a forum for safety and health professionals to network and interact to continuously improve the quality of the Region’s worker safety/health protection and regulatory compliance.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity and my time serving in leadership roles at the Region, Chapter and Section level. These positions have helped me better understand the needs of our ASSP membership, and as Regional VP I wish to serve and assist all of the Chapters within our Region.

Though collaboration and sharing of our experiences, together with our excellent team at the National, I wish to help expand on our accomplishments and further our successes.

In summary, I would like to provide assistance to our chapters so we can work together to continue the great work our region has achieved.  I am very excited to have the opportunity to serve as the Region 1 Vice President and am asking for you vote and support.


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