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Tips for Protecting Young Workers in Retail

Jun 23, 2016
In a recent post to the NIOSH Science Blog, Donna Pfirman, a program analyst in NIOSH's Education and Information Division, examined the hazards faced by young workers in retail environments. "Young workers have high workplace injury rates, explained in part by the high frequency of hazards in their typical workplaces. In retail work settings, for instance, slippery floors and use of knives and energized equipment are common hazard," she writes. "Inexperience and lack of safety training also increase injury risks for young workers."

The statistics bear this out. As Pfirman reports, about 23,000 young retail workers were injured in a retail job in 2014. Furthermore, young workers go to the emergency room for treatment of workplace injuries at a rate that is two times higher than that of workers age 25 and older. To help address this issue, NIOSH recently developed a web page for young retail workers that includes safety tips for recognizing hazards and understanding the injuries they can cause

Read the full post to find links to additional resources about young worker safety.

Originally published June 23, 2016



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