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Companies Can Gain Competitive Advantage by Certifying Processes

Nov 15, 2018

PARK RIDGE, Illinois — Running a highly effective and profitable business comes with plenty of challenges, but there’s a step companies can take to better position themselves for success. Choosing to certify occupational safety and health processes to industry consensus standards can ensure legislative compliance, improve a company’s reputation and standing in the marketplace, demonstrate a commitment to worker safety and health, and help improve productivity.

The new ASSP Certification and Accreditation Institute LLC, an independent entity of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP), is working with companies to certify their safety and health processes to voluntary consensus standards geared to reduce workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. The institute’s certification mark, which confirms adherence to specific standards such as ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, reflects a company’s investment in safety and health management while providing a competitive advantage in the industry.

“An ASSP certification mark sends a clear message to customers, competitors and investors that a company values its workers and protects their well-being,” said Ovidiu Munteanu, ASSP’s senior manager of standards development. “Businesses face so many challenges these days that it makes sense to take that one critical step to get ahead in an environment in which trust is tough to earn and easy to lose.”

As more companies expand operations and rely on supply chains that extend into many parts of the world, certifications are becoming more valuable. As secretariat for multiple national and global standards including ISO 450001, Z10 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems and ISO 31000 Risk Management Guidelines, ASSP plays a key role in developing consensus standards that incorporate industry best practices.

“There are companies that fail to win contracts simply because their supply chains are not held to the same safety and health standards as their mainland operations are,” Munteanu said. “Successful corporations take a progressive approach to safety and understand that contractors and subcontractors are an extension of their business. Through certifications they can experience measurable improvements in business processes, customer satisfaction and global reputation.”

According to a survey by the Independent Association of Accredited Registrars, 86 percent of companies that certify with a reputable accreditation organization realize a positive return on investment.

The ASSP Certification and Accreditation Institute, which was launched this past summer, is working with an accredited third-party registrar to conduct the audits, verify results of the assessment and issue a certification mark when all requirements are met.

For more information on the benefits of certifying occupational safety and health processes to industry consensus standards, companies should visit the ASSP Certification and Accreditation Institute web page or contact Munteanu at

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