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Connecting With Your ASSP Community

Jan 23, 2019

Imagine a digital space where ASSP members can all come together, connect with eachASSP Community Login Screen other, share resources and expand their professional networks. Well imagine no more, the ASSP Community has made such an online space a reality. The launch of this new platform offers an exclusive space where ASSP members can become thought leaders and engage with other members around the globe. 

If you have a best practice to share or you’re looking for help with a safety problem, the ASSP Community offers the opportunity to provide your expertise and ask questions of other safety professionals who may have encountered a similar problem in their workplace. 

“I joined the virtual ASSP Community to leverage the knowledge from others in similar industries as me,” says Bradford Burns, P.E. “I understand we all face challenges seeking resolutions to safety issues.  Pulling from the experiences of everyone helps us all succeed in our ultimate goal of providing a safe working environment.”

Interested in learning more about a practice specialty or common interest group? Whether you’re looking to join a particular group or are already a member, the community offers a direct connection to engage with members and leaders of the respective groups, find out the latest news and events, hear what other members are talking about and expand your knowledge. 

Through the Community, members can engage in discussion threads with categories such as “safety technical talk,” “community chatter” and “customer service” to connect and engage with both Society staff, as well as members outside of their chapter or region. 

 “I love the Virtual ASSP Community because it places practice specialties/CIGs in a central location for collaborative and informational exchanges, and I can connect to any member through one portal,” says Herbert Bell, CSP. “This powerful tool will change the way we communicate in our volunteer organization.” 

Looking to connect with a particular ASSP member? The ASSP Community features an ASSP member directory where users can search members by name, credentials, job tile or company name, thereby streamlining the process for connecting with like-minded safety professionals around the world. 

Beyond the professional networking and resource sharing, there’s also the chance to have some fun in the ASSP Community, wherein members earn badges based on their level of involvement in different aspects of the Society. If you’re a chapter leader, CIG leader, practice specialty leader, ASSP Foundation donor or a member of the Board of Directors, a corresponding badge appears on your profile, letting the entire ASSP Community know that you are a safety leader. 

“It’s the member that makes the Community,” says Ashleigh Brookshaw, manager, community engagement with ASSP. “Members should utilize this space to make the most of their membership, share their knowledge, become more visible to the Society as a whole and engage with fellow ASSP members on a deeper level.” 

If you haven’t yet joined ASSP Community, log in today, upload a profile picture and start a conversation with your 38,000 fellow ASSP members. 


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