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Apr 09, 2019
Volunteer leadership is at the very core of ASSP. Our volunteer leaders play a vital role in our efforts to provide diverse member communities, deliver top-quality education, develop industry-leading consensus standards and elevate the safety profession. Here are just a few stories of recent Culbertson Volunteer Service Award winners and how they have made a difference through volunteering.

David NataliziaDavid Natalizia

If you attended our annual conference any time in the past decade, David Natalizia played a major role in your experience. As a member of the PDC Planning Committee from 2008 to 2017, serving as chair from 2015 to 2017, his leadership helped build the conference into the industry-leading experience it is today.

For nearly 20 years, David has shared his leadership skills with ASSP in various ways. He worked within the Hospitality Branch of the Management Practice Specialty in 2003, served as its chair in 2005 and 2006, led the PDC Planning Committee and now is an ASSP Foundation trustee. Throughout his service, David has continually shown his commitment to helping fellow safety professionals develop professionally and advance in their careers.

Alyssa WeberAlyssa Weber

Alyssa began her ASSP volunteer experience as she transitioned to a new position in her career and learned about the Young Professionals (now Emerging Professionals) Common Interest Group (CIG). When an opportunity came about to serve as the professional development chair for that group, Alyssa took on that role and spearheaded a campaign to provide educational opportunities to CIG members through a series of lunchtime web meetings.

These events connect emerging professionals with top-notch educational opportunities and help connect generations of safety professionals so that they can share experiences and best practices. Along with her continued work with the Emerging Professionals CIG, Alyssa volunteers on the Society’s PDC Planning Committee.

Dan HopwoodDaniel Hopwood

From the time he was in college, Daniel learned the importance of being engaged and developed an appreciation for the willingness of volunteers to make things happen. Since starting in 1992 as the San Diego Chapter’s PDC chair, Daniel has given his time and talents to being involved, trying to make a difference and being an advocate for the future at the local, regional and Society level.

He was San Diego Chapter president in 2012, Region I vice president from 2015 to 2017 and is a member of the Leadership Conference Committee. At the center of all of Daniel’s volunteer activities is a desire to help fellow members, contribute to the future and a commitment to the idea that if you volunteer to help just one person, you can have a positive impact.

CharyCH Rama Krushna Chary 

Chary’s ASSP journey began in 2009 when he joined the Kuwait Chapter so he could offer support to his colleagues and his profession. His involvement at the chapter, region, committee, practice specialty and Society level has helped to expand our global footprint and our influence in occupational safety and health around the globe.

During his tenure as its president, the Kuwait Chapter achieved several milestones, including platinum-level recognition in 2016-17. The chapter also won the 2016-17 ASSP Regional Membership Challenge Award by enhancing Chapter membership nearly 100% with 509 new members. Chary is also a three-time Safety Professional of the Year Award recipient, receiving the honor from the Environmental Practice Specialty in 2015, the Kuwait Chapter in 2016 and Region IX in 2017.

Reg V -EHallerud photoEric Hallerud 

Since joining as a student member in the early 1990s, Eric recognized volunteering in the Society as an opportunity to bring value to members, make a difference and take things to the next level. In his time with the Heart of America Chapter, Eric has helped ASSP members and members of his local community. From promoting safety in local schools to providing disaster relief, Eric and other members of the Heart of America Chapter have advocated for safety and improved the lives of people around the world.

In addition to this work at the chapter level, Eric is Region V Vice President, a role that allows him to work with chapter leaders. He chaired the Leadership Conference Committee from 2014 to 2016, working to bring together leaders from across the Society to share knowledge and best practices for how they can better serve our member communities.

Want to get involved and follow in the footsteps of these great volunteer leaders? Our online tool can help you match your skills and interest with the volunteer opportunities best suited for you.


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