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Working Together for Safety: Cloth Face Coverings

Apr 08, 2020

Working Together for Safety - April 8, 2020 from ASSP Safety on Vimeo.

The amount of information about COVID-19 is staggering, making it more important than ever to look to credible sources for guidance and recommendations.

In our new "Working Together for Safety" weekly video series, ASSP President Diana Stegall, CSP, CFPS, ARM, will share insights on COVID-19 resources and information of interest to occupational safety and health professionals.

In the first episode, Diana explains the importance of the latest CDC guidance that the public wear cloth face coverings in places where it is difficult to maintain social distancing, such as the pharmacy or grocery store.

"As safety professionals we need to lead the way. We need to demonstrate the behavior that we want to see from others," she says. "That includes the use of these facial coverings.”

Look for new episodes of "Working Together for Safety" on the ASSP website each Wednesday.


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