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Safety News You Need: Total Worker Health

May 05, 2020

Young-woman-talking-on-phone-after-finishing-workoutThe COVID-19 pandemic has organizations thinking about new and better ways to protect and improve the health of their workers. One framework that can help employers adopt a more holistic approach to worker well-being is Total Worker Health (TWH). This week’s Safety News You Need offers resources to help you implement elements of TWH at your workplace. 

  • To implement any safety and health initiative, you need to plan your process and identify how you will assess your efforts. CDC offers guidance on strategies for instituting TWH programs, as well as tools to evaluate success and drive continuous improvement. Learn more
  • TWH efforts take many different forms. Learn how one community is investing in the health of its citizens with a holistic approach to improving well-being and a wide variety of cultural and recreational initiatives. Read more
  • The physical work environment and work-life balance can affect workers’ well-being. Follow these four steps to create a work environment that eases physical stresses and improves mental health. Learn more
  • Improving worker health and well-being doesn’t have to break the bank. Several simple, low-cost steps can help your employees become more active and eat healthier, while reducing their stress level and fatigue. Read more
  • The spread of COVID-19 has brought about additional challenges to addressing employee well-being. This video offers insights into how you can identify and address mental health concerns, promote mental wellness, reduce stress and establish a support network in your workplace. Watch now


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