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Safety News You Need: Trenching and Excavation

Jun 19, 2020

Each year, 40 workers are killed in trenching incidents, according to OSHA.A backhoe digging a trench Taking the proper precautions before and throughout the project can help your organization protect workers. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights resources to help keep workers safe during trenching and excavation operations.

  • As on many jobsites, a key to trenching safety is proper planning. If you’re not prepared, there can be catastrophic consequences. These videos from OSHA, which are available in English and Spanish, examine real-world examples of trenching incidents and how they could have been prevented. Learn more
  • In a trench, conditions can change quickly, so it’s important to regularly monitor conditions and understand how those could impact worker safety. This daily checklist can help your site supervisors and employees assess key factors and protect workers as conditions change. Read more
  • In addition to implementing physical controls and monitoring the work environment, workers need to understand how to operate safely. Reinforce these dos and don’ts of trenching safety in your training and discuss three steps they should take before entering a trench. Learn more 
  • While cave-ins may jump to mind as a primary concern associated with trenching and excavation work, it is far from the only hazard. Learn what other risks workers face in these environments and how you can address them. Read more

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