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Jun 24, 2020

Each year, our common interest group and practice specialty communities provide virtual education, networking and leadership opportunities to help members to become better safety professionals and build more inclusive safety cultures. Thank you, to our leaders whose volunteer support sustains ASSP and helps us continue to evolve in more diverse and advanced ways than ever before. We are proud to celebrate your achievements and recognize the work you do as volunteer leaders.

Congratulations this year’s council and community Safety Professional of the Year recipients and our community leadership teams on their outstanding achievements.

Council on Practices and Standards Safety Professional of the Year

Steven B. Gray, CSP, CHST
International Practice Specialty
Military Practice Specialty

Common Interest Group Safety Professional of the Year

Blacks in Safety Excellence
Randall C. Butler, M.S., CSP, SMS, CIT

Emerging Professionals in OSH
Melissa W. Rohrer, CHST

Hispanic Safety Professionals
Luz S. Marin, Ph.D.

Women in Safety Excellence
Melissa W. Rohrer, CHST

Practice Specialty Safety Professional of the Year

Kevin R. Cannon, CSP

John C. Suter, CSP, CIH, ARM

Mark D. Hansen, P.E., CSP, CPE, CPEA, FASSP

Fire Protection
Brian E. Hitt, CSP, CHMM

Maralee R. Sartain, ASP

Industrial Hygiene
Jeffrey C. Nesbitt, CSP, CIH

Steven B. Gray, CSP, CHST

Matthew G. Wright, MPH, CIH

Marjorie J. McDonald, CSP

Oil, Gas, Mining & Mineral Resources
William A. Walker, CSP, CPEA

Public Sector
Christopher S. Chaffin, CSP

Training & Communication
Jeffrey Dalto

Stephanie G. Pratt, Ph.D.

Connie L. Muncy, CIH, REM


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