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Safety News You Need: Respiratory Protection

Jul 02, 2020

Workplace respiratory hazards are linked to non-cancerous lung diseases inWorker repairing boat in workshop more than 10% of workers worldwide. This week’s Safety News You Need offers tips on protecting your workers from airborne illness in the workplace.

  • Establishing a respiratory protection program is a key step toward preventing exposure to airborne contaminants. As you develop your program, remember these 11 OSHA requirements to help protect your workers. Read more
  • For PPE to be effective, it has to fit the worker properly. Find answers to some frequently asked questions about respirator fit testing, user seal checks and respirator reuse and extended use. Learn more
  • The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to ensure an adequate supply of PPE for healthcare workers. Healthcare employers can take several steps to optimize their supply of facemasks. Learn more
  • The hierarchy of controls is a proven foundation for addressing workplace hazards and risks. Learn how you can apply the hierarchy to respiratory protection and techniques you can use to control airborne hazards. Read more


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