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Safety News You Need: Electrical Safety

Jul 30, 2020

Contact with or exposure to electricity accounted for 3% of workplaceHigh voltage post fatalities in 2018, according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International. This week’s Safety News You Need offers tools to help educate your workforce on the hazards of working with electricity and how they can protect themselves.  

  • NFPA 70E sets the standard for electrical safety in the workplace. Learn how the standard compares to OSHA requirements and addresses safety responsibilities for both employers and workers. Read more
  • Electrical work requires specific knowledge and skills. Before your workers begin any job, they should ask themselves these nine questions to confirm they are aware of the hazards and qualified to complete tasks safely. Read more
  • One goal of continuously improving your safety and health program is to minimize risk of worker injuries and fatalities. These five steps can help put you on the path to improving your electrical safety program. Learn more
  • Construction workers face electrical hazards unique to their industry. These tips can help you address the many challenges they encounter on the job site. Read more
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Amit Mathure
Articles and statistics provided are very insightful. Much more to pick up for practical application. Thank you.


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