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Safety News You Need: Job Hazard Analysis

Oct 08, 2020

Every work task has potential hazards. Assessing those hazards allows you to implementBusinesswoman writing on a clipboard controls and train workers how to mitigate those hazards to prevent injuries, illnesses and fatalities. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights tools to help you conduct a job hazard analysis (JHA).

  • COVID-19 has brought increased attention to the steps needed to protect the health of workers and the public. Use this guide to identify worker exposure risk levels and corrective actions you can take in your workplace. Learn more
  • A JHA requires planning and a knowledge of the steps of an analysis to be effective. Learn the steps you need to take to prepare to conduct a JHA and four keys to an effective process. Read more
  • A JHA requires you to examine each step of a particular process and assess how each step could present hazards and risks to workers. Using a template can guide you through the JHA process and identify how you can make processes and procedures safer. Learn more
  • Understanding the hazards associated with different tasks provides a foundation for developing solutions to improve worker safety and health. Learn the six main categories of workplace hazards, examples of those hazards and how you can effectively manage them. Read more
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