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Safety News You Need: Incident Investigation

Oct 15, 2020

When incidents occur, it’s the job of safety professionals to determine what happened and Worker performing an inspection how, and what steps the organization needs to take to prevent a similar event from happening again. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights what you incident investigations can tell you about workplace incidents and how you can use it to prevent recurrence. 

  • To conduct an effective investigation, you first have to understand the who, what, when, where, why and how of the investigation process. Learn the basics of conducting an incident investigation and why they are so important to the outcome. Read more
  • In the aftermath of an incident, you need to focus on getting workers the care they need, assessing the scene and investigating the causes so you can take corrective action. Taking these nine steps can improve your investigation approach. Learn more
  • The key determining why an incident occurred is asking the right questions. These sample questions offer guidance on how to collect the information you need to determine incident causes and make your workplace safer. Learn more
  • A root-cause analysis allows you to dig deeper into the incident causes and examine factors that may not be visible on the surface. Follow these seven steps to get to the root of your incidents. Read more


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