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Safety News You Need: Human Factors

Oct 29, 2020

Many factors affect how workers act on the job and the decisions they make.Businessman talking on the phone Understanding these factors can help your organization create an environment in which workers make good decisions, follow safety procedures and immediately report unsafe working conditions. This week’s Safety News You Need highlights resources to help you gain a better understanding of human performance to create safer workplaces.

  • The first step in addressing human factors is defining those factors and understanding how they affect safety. Learn common human factors that exist in the workplace and how educating workers can help mitigate risks. Read more
  • Organizational culture plays a major role in how employees respond in different situations and the decisions they make. This guide can help you understand the key elements of workplace culture and how to develop a strong, positive work culture. Learn more
  • One particular human factor that can have a major influence on workplace safety is fatigue. Learn how fatigue can create major hazards in the construction industry and solutions you can put in place to help prevent fatigue among your workers. Read more
  • Workers’ actions and decision-making are influenced by individual, organizational and task-based factors. Learn the role each of these areas plays in how people approach workplace safety and health and how addressing these factors can help improve your bottom line. Learn more
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