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ASSP Communities Stay Connected During Pandemic

Nov 01, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited or eliminated daily in-person interactions for people around the world. To help stay connected while we are apart, our ASSP community groups have transitioned to e-learning and virtual meetings. Here are a few ways our communities are staying connected.

  • To provide students and emerging professionals with networking opportunities even from afar, our Ergonomics Practice Specialty will hold a Zoom event on Nov. 5 and Nov. 6 titled “Coffee Break with Ergonomics Professionals,” where those new to the profession can learn about ergonomics while seasoned professionals have the opportunity to share their experiences.
  • In addition to holding virtual meetings, some of our chapters are reaching out to local organizations and businesses to offer learning opportunities for members. For example, our Northwest Chapter will virtually tour Lifelink III, a medical air transport company, to learn about the nature of its operations as well as how employees are working while adhering to pandemic precautions.
  • While many conferences have been cancelled, some have been postponed or transitioned to virtual experiences. Region VIII will hold its professional development conference Nov. 9-10, featuring topics such as OSH pandemic planning and regional OSHA updates.

How is your community connecting with members and others during the pandemic? Share your stories through Society Update.


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