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ASSP Foundation Update

Oct 06, 2023

The ASSP Foundation is committed to a safer future for workers. We advance occupational safety and health (OSH), we promote OSH as a career choice, and we help build a sustainable talent pipeline for the profession. 

  • Academic scholarships are available for students within the occupational safety and health field, preparing for their careers or looking to supplement their careers with additional college coursework. Scholarships applications are accepted Oct.15, 2023 – Feb. 16, 2024.
  • The ASSP Foundation Family Scholarship supports families affected by a workplace tragedy. This scholarship, available to spouses and children who have lost a loved one in a workplace incident, provides educational funding to minimize the financial impact of their loss and encourage continuing education.
  • Career development grants are available for OSH students or professionals who need financial support for certification expenses, conference attendance, webinar attendance, workshop attendance and similar support.
  • Free training is available for all viewers on safety management systems, risk management, infectious diseases and fall protection.


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