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Expanding the Impact of Safety Culture Throughout the Life Cycle of a Contractor

Apr 14, 2022

Sponsored by Contractor Compliance


Sponsored by Contractor Compliance. Your organization can enhance the impact of its safety culture by improving the processes and systems you use to manage the safety of your contractors, suppliers, and vendors. Review case examples that you can use to define the steps in a contractor’s lifecycle — from sourcing to retirement —and gain insight on best practices and traditional obstacles for involving occupational safety and health so that you can uncover ways to improve your organization’s processes.

What You Will Learn

  • Review how procurement, operations, human resources and other business units affect a contractor’s lifecycle, from sourcing to retirement
  • Discuss where a safety team examines a contractor’s lifecycle
  • Understand the implications of business-wide collaboration using real-life examples from companies that have ingrained their safety culture throughout each phase of a contractor’s lifecycle.
  • Assess where technology can optimize operational efficiency

Mark Bania, CEO & Co-Founder, Contractor Compliance
Mark BaniaMark is the Co-Founder and CEO at Contractor Compliance and has over 10 years of progressive experience with SaaS organizations spanning multiple industries. He is responsible for implementing the strategic vision of Contractor Compliance globally. Mark is passionate about a diverse array of safety topics including contractor management, compliance and risk mitigation


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