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Greater Boston Chapter Shares Advisory Group Overview

Nov 07, 2023

On Oct. 5, Mike Sample, CSP, represented the Greater Boston Chapter at the Advisory Group meeting. The quarterly virtual meeting set the tone for the group's 2023-24 workplace and set expectations for the members. He shared this report with the chapter's members.

Advisory Group Background

The ASSP Advisory Group was formed in 2022 as part of update to the Society's governance structure. The Advisory Group is spearheaded by an Operations Committee made up of nine ASSP members appointed by the ASSP’s nomination committee.

ASSP Strategic Plan 2023-28 

ASSP’s 2023-28 strategic plan provides a road map that will help the Society achieve continued excellence. All members contribute to helping us achieve our mission, advance our vision, demonstrate our values and accomplish the key goals identified in our plan. 

The Board of Directors allocates resources and provides oversight, while the professional staff, led by our CEO, manages those resources, and uses member, market and trend research to identify and execute tactics to achieve our strategic goals and maintain our strong position in the marketplace. 

The Society’s strategic plan isn't a static document; it will evolve as we learn from our experiences and gather insights. This ongoing learning process ensures we remain responsive to changes and pivot our approach as needed. 

The strategic plan focuses on three domains.

  1. Member Community: Engage OSH professionals with meaningful experiences that provide lasting value to ensure member retention and support future growth of ASSP, its members and the OSH profession. 
  2. Trusted Advisor: Provide evidence-based guidance to OSH professionals, workers, employers and policy leaders to enhance their efforts to manage risks created by changing work practices and emerging technologies. 
  3. Workforce Development: Elevate safety as integral to successful business operations by developing tools and resources for OSH professionals and related fields to meet current needs and anticipate future needs. 

The Society’s Board of Directors uses the plan in all decision-making, including setting priorities; aligning work of the Advisory Group, councils and committees; determining resource allocation; and guiding decisions on strategic partnerships. 

Image depicting ASSP's CLEAR values and their meanings

The plan also codifies the Society's CLEAR values to emphasizes our commitment to community and continued excellence. These values guide our behavior, decisions and actions.

  • Community: We provide a welcoming and collaborative environment that creates belonging and inclusivity for all.
  • Leadership: We exemplify integrity and empower others.
  • Excellence: We strive always to deliver our best.
  • Accountability: We are ethical, reliable and trustworthy in all we do.
  • Respect: We act with humility, listen to others and foster strong working relationships. 

Advisory Group Workplan for 2023-24 

Under its approved workplan for 2023-24, the Advisory Group is:

  • Communicating with and engaging members to advance the strategic plan 
  • Helping to communicate the new strategic plan to the membership 
  • Promoting the value of membership in ASSP, focusing on concluding the membership value project 
  • Empowering members to hold themselves accountable to the ASSP Code of Professional Conduct 
  • Monitoring OSH trends impacting members. 

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