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Hand Safety When Exposed to Energized Equipment

Jun 29, 2023

Sponsored by Vallen


Sponsored by Vallen. Experts Christina Beahm and Janine Duda from Ansel will share practical guidance on safety standards for hands when handling energized equipment and highlight the right protective solutions. Gain deeper understanding of current regulations and best practices for safeguarding workers exposed to energized equipment and take away tips for protecting the glove wearer from electrical shock.

What You Will Learn

  • Identify where and why rubber-insulated gloves are used
  • Review the ASTM D120 safety standard and retesting requirements
  • Discuss the importance of visually inspecting gloves before each use
  • Assess arc flash risks and the associated hazards to protect against burns
  • Describe how to choose the right rubber-insulated glove

Christina Beahm, Senior Director Specialty PPE/Energy, Ansell Healthcare LLC
Christina Beahm has five years in the personal protective equipment (PPE) field with more than 10 years of executive-level leadership and 25 years of product management experience. Her experience leans heavily into the energy sector, specifically oil and gas, with more recent focus on the utilities and electrical vehicle markets. Her research and development team is intimately involved with ISEA and EC standards.

Janine Duda, Regional Product Portfolio Manager- RIGS and Thermal
Janine Duda has 14 years in the personal protective equipment (PPE) field with 11 years of experience in the electrical protection industry. Duda is active with ASTM and is an expert in electrical safety protection. She has worked in tandem with two leaders in electric vehicle manufacturing facilities in the U.S. to develop the next generation of electrical safety.

Peter Larson
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