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Introducing Our New Strategic Plan

James R. Thornton, CSP, CIH, FASSP, FAIHA, 2023-24 ASSP President and ASSP Foundation Chair
Sep 01, 2023

Jim ThorntonI am thrilled to share with you key elements of our new 5-year strategic plan. The 2023-28 plan was influenced by your input via research and our Advisory Group, and approved by the Board of Directors in June. It reinforces our unwavering commitment to our mission to be the community that protects people, property and the environment. It also highlights our vision as a leading voice of the OSH profession to cultivate a world where safety, health and well-being are inherent rights of every worker. Our strategic plan provides us with a road map for achieving continued excellence, and I would like to highlight its three domains.

1. Member Community

Our goal: Engage OSH professionals with meaningful experiences that provide lasting value to ensure member retention and support future growth of ASSP, its members and the OSH profession.

We have long recognized the critical importance of our member community. We aim to provide you with meaningful experiences that not only empower you professionally but also create lasting personal connections. We aim to foster a vibrant network where you can engage, share insights, learn from others and contribute to the continuous improvement of our profession. By ensuring that your membership experience is enriched with value, we set the stage for the future growth of both ASSP and our profession.

2. Trusted Advisor

Our goal: Provide evidence-based guidance to OSH professionals, workers, employers and policy leaders to enhance their efforts to manage risks created by changing work practices and emerging technologies.

As work practices evolve and technologies advance, new challenges continue to arise in ensuring worker safety, health and well-being. We are dedicated to being a trusted advisor, offering evidence-based guidance that equips OSH professionals, workers, employers, and policy leaders with knowledge and tools to effectively manage emerging risks. Through research and collaboration, we aim to empower you, your organizations and policymakers to make informed decisions that safeguard lives, property and the environment.

3. Workforce Development

Our goal: Elevate safety as integral to successful business operations by developing tools and resources for OSH professionals and related fields to meet current needs and anticipate future needs.

A skilled workforce is fundamental in today’s world. We must continue to find new ways to elevate OSH as an indispensable facet of thriving business operations. By developing forward-looking tools and resources, we will equip OSH professionals and allied fields to meet current and future needs. Through our proactive approach, we aim to solidify safety as a cornerstone of successful business operations, ultimately enhancing worker well-being and the overall sustainability of our world.

Our Values

In addition to updating our strategic plan, we have codified our CLEAR values that we strive to uphold as ASSP members:

  • Community: We provide a welcoming and collaborative environment that creates belonging and inclusivity for all.
  • Leadership: We exemplify integrity and empower others.
  • Excellence: We strive always to deliver our best.
  • Accountability: We are ethical, reliable and trustworthy in all we do.
  • Respect: We act with humility, listen to others and foster strong working relationships so that we can better protect workers and improve organizational performance.
  • Our mission to be “the community that protects people, property and the environment” is evident throughout our plan, and our vision that “safety, health and well-being are inherent rights of every worker” serves as our North Star.

    Thank you for your support, dedication and ongoing engagement in ASSP. As we work to elevate our profession and our Society, we need all of you to propel us forward. With your involvement, our new strategic plan will help us achieve a safe, strong, healthy and sustainable future for all.

    Bernard Burns

    From Above.  "It also highlights our vision as a leading voice of the OSH profession to cultivate a world where safety, health and well-being are inherent rights of every worker."


    Has ASSP issued a position statement that decries to use of child labor to mine rare earth minerals in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and other locations?  If yes, please send me a copy.  If no, I encourage the ASSP to issue such a statement.

    Amnesty International has developed materials that describe the problem in detail for your review.


    Bernard A. Burns, CSP

    Sue Trebswether

    Hello, Bernard.

    Thank you for your feedback and suggestion on this matter.

    We appreciate your interest and concern about this issue, and we will consider what next steps might be appropriate for ASSP.


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